National Honor Society

National Honor Society 2019-2020

  • New Update (22 March)

    NHS Applicants:

    Just a quick check-in to let applicants know that we have not forgotten about you and to keep you informed. Both faculty advisors are busily reviewing the applications.  As per our last communication on the new proposed process (shared via email on 13 March), a determination will be made on whether an application  demonstrates adequate evidence toward the four pillars of NHS or if a pillar requires addition evidence.  If it determined that additional evidence is required, the applicant will be contacted by 01 April via email to schedule an online interview.  The intent is to use Zoom as the platform for interviews.

    Should any roadblocks arise or changes to this plan arenecessary, the facult advisors will communicate via group email.  All is rather uncertain right now, but the faculty advisors are communicating with each other and committed to keep all informed as the best plan develops.



    The unfortunate turn of current events will require the cancellation of all NHS interviews scheduled for March 20th. In light of a shortened application and evaluation window, DHS Administration has approved a modified interview process. If an applicant's submission under review provided sufficient evidence in all 4 pillars, the application will be forwarded directly to the NHS Faculty Council for consideration. If an applicant's submission doesn’t provide sufficient evidence in all 4 NHS pillars, then they will be offered an opportunity to provide additional evidence in an interview process. These interviews may be conducted remotely using a software such as Google Hangout and could occur within the next 2 weeks. Given this information, applicants are asked to frequently check their DHS school gmail account and respond to faculty advisor e-mails promptly.

    Please do not e-mail faculty advisors for a status of an application.  When the timeline is more firm, it will be shared with all applicants.  Thank-you for your patience.


    Membership in the Duxbury High School National Honor Society is an honor inferred on high school students by the DHS Faculty.   The student membership represents those who, over the course of their four years, have consistently performed at the highest standard in four pillars:  Academic Excellence, Commitment to Service, Leadership, and Character.

    Students who have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better by the end of the first semester of their junior year are eligible for invitation.   Interested students may complete the application process and an interview with members of the faculty.  The application and interview are scored based on standards that can be reviewed in the DHS Student Handbook. 

    Students who earn a cumulative weighted grade point average of 3.5 by the end of their Junior Year may also be considered for membership.  This process takes longer and some of it may occur over the summer vacation period.


    The timeline for the application process is shared below:

    Second Term Grades Released:  17 Jan

    Student Invitations Sent via hardcopy and email:. Week of 03 Feb

    Faculty Feedback Period Commences: 13 Feb

    Faculty Feedback Period Ends: 28 Feb

    Student Applications Due: 06 March

    Student Interviews:  20 March (PD Day)

    Student Interviews (Conflicts with 20 March): By appointment NLT 20 March

    Notification of Acceptance via hardcopy and email:. Week of 13 April

    First Mandatory NHS Meeting: 14 May 2020

    Induction Practice (Mandatory): 21 May 2020

    NHS Induction:  26 May 2020

    Second Mandatory Meeting: TBD


    Students should see a faculty advisor in person to discuss concerns or seek additional information.   The faculty advisors are Mrs. Radzik and Ms. Coleman.  The home of NHS is Room A240, before or after school.


    NHS By-Laws can be downloaded here:  NHS ByLaws

    Faculty Advisors:

    Aggie Coleman                   

    Meg Radzik