• Childhood fears for AGES: 8-11 years old

    Fear of dark (this one never seems to go away!)
    Fear of closet and dark cracks (when door is ajar)
    Fear of ghosts, poltergeists and evil spirits
    Fear of bad guys and being hurt or kidnapped
    Fear of being home alone
    Fear of 5 nights at Freddy’s
    Fear of AnnabelleChucky and other horror movie dolls

    Fear of the Bloody Mary folklore – which tends to manifest as a fear of the bathroom
    Fear something bad will happen to their parent(s) when they’re not with them
    Fear of dying and of loved ones dying
    Fear of illness, disease and mystery aches and pains
    Fear of school failure (even when they are getting good grades)

    Fear of taking tests and doing presentations
    Fear of throwing up in public or at school
    Fear of being ridiculed by peers
    Fear of having no friends
    Fear of teachers who yell or show disappointment in them

    Fear of disappointing parents
    Fear of germs and getting sick
    Fear of doctors, dentists, shots and other medical procedures
    Fear of some TV shows
    Fear of bugs, animals and insects
    Fear of heights
    Fear of amusement park rides
    Fear of elevators
    Fear of storms and natural disasters

    Having some fears during each developmental stage is normal. However, if your child is immobilized by fears or it is impeding their daily functioning – it would be a good idea to talk to your pediatrician or a child therapist.