• Social Studies: 9th Grade United States History I Levels


    This page is meant to provide you with additional information regarding the differences between Honors and College Preparatory levels in United States History I for freshman students.


    Students will be recommended to a particular level by their current 8th-grade teacher. These recommendations will become visible on Aspen in Spring 2021. Teachers base their recommendations on a variety of factors including:

    • Student’s critical reading and writing abilities with a specific focus on the Social Studies Research Paper and other common assessment data

    • Student’s motivation and effort

    • Student’s grades in Social Studies class

    • English MCAS Scores (to aid in assessing reading and writing abilities)

    Please be advised that, according to the Duxbury High School Program of Studies, most students should expect to be placed in College Preparatory (CP) social studies classes.  In those classes, students will receive rigorous instruction in the United States History curriculum.


    The difference between the Honors and College Preparatory levels of social studies has to do with the student’s abilities to analyze and synthesize historical concepts and themes and with the student’s ability and willingness to read and write critically and analytically. Students currently performing well at grade level are most appropriately placed in College Preparatory social studies and will be most successful at that level. In general, Honors students are expected to have an emerging aptitude for reading more complex historical texts and for writing at an advanced level. Additionally, students in both levels should anticipate a similar pace through the curriculum of the year, though Honors students will experience greater depth with topics, as well as expectations of more autonomy both in independent work and thinking throughout the year.

    8th Grade teachers work in conjunction with students’ English teachers to bring in further reading and writing data to influence the leveling decision as well. Additionally, keep in mind that, as far as possible, the Social Studies program content is the same for all students and the overall objectives are the same.

    Please review the Social Studies portion of the Duxbury High School Program of Studies for information regarding all of the course offerings in the Social Studies department, and particular information on the course selection process.

    Also, please consider attending our course selection night for an opportunity to ask questions in person. More information on this event will be posted in Spring 2021.  




    Summer Work:

    Textbook Reading Sample

    Example of a Homework Assignment

    112 U.S. History I College Prep

    Sample Enrichment Board 

      CP Sample Reading

     Sample Homework Assignment

    111 U.S. History I Honors

    Sample Enrichment Board

     Honors Sample Reading

     Sample Homework Assignment

    Please feel free to email Lew Alberti, Social Studies Curriculum Supervisor, with any questions regarding this information at lalberti@duxbury.k12.ma.us