• Many courses at Duxbury High School have homework that requires completion during summer school vacation before the school year begins. In general, Advanced Placement (AP) courses consistently have summer assignments, and Mathematics, Social Studies, and English Language Arts also provide summer work for college prep and honors level classes.
    Typical assignments and estimated time requirements below are from summer 2016 for the current 2016-17  school year, and the academic department pages detailing summer work assignments and suggested process are listed at the bottom of this page.  Please take the need for summer work into consideration when choosing your course load for the next academic year.

    MATHEMATICS: Summer work consists of a packet of exercises with College Prep students completing part of the package, and AP and honors doing the complete packet.

    SCIENCE:  Only AP classes (Biology, Physics, Earth Science and Chemistry) had summer work in science.  Summer assignments can include reading, worksheets and experiments.

    SOCIAL SCIENCES:  Complete book readings were required for all academic levels of World History II, US History I and II.  Students who took AP US History were required to read a book from the US History II list and a chapter from the AP textbook.  AP World History students read 1 book, and Advanced Placement Psychology students were assigned 2 specific textbook chapters for summer reading.  Complete book reading choices were 200 to 300 pages each.
    WORLD LANGUAGES:  For AP courses in French, Latin and Spanish, a variety of reading, writing and speaking assignments were required, as were email communications between students and teachers during the summer. 
    ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS:  For College Prep and Honors course levels in incoming grades 9, 2 books were assigned, with one book required for non AP courses for grades 10 through 12.  The workload for AP English courses for  grades 11 and 12 included reading 5 books and likely short written assignments about the books read in summertime.

    For details on summer schoolwork requirements and strategies by course and academic department, please visit the web pages listed below:

    SOCIAL STUDIES: https://www.duxbury.k12.ma.us/Page/5263

    ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS: https://www.duxbury.k12.ma.us/Page/7924