Team 6B Guidelines



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Team 6B Guidelines




Homework is an important part of sixth grade.  School Committee guidelines state that sixth graders can expect to spend approximately 60-90 minutes on homework each night.  In sixth grade, there are many times where students will find themselves with long-term assignments.  Teachers give adequate time for these assignments, with the expectation that students are spending time each night working on them.  We will work to help your children understand how to break down assignments so they are not saving everything for the last minute, and your help at home will ensure that no student is feeling overwhelmed.

            If a student is in school for any part of the day, they are responsible for all schoolwork and homework that day.  It is the student’s responsibility to check in with their teachers and find out what they missed.

            In order to assist your child, the agenda is the first place to check for information regarding homework assignments.  You can also check Schoology for additional information.



Absence due to Illness:

         Students have one school day for every day of illness to make up work (Handbook policy). 

If your child is absent for 1 or 2 days, they will receive make-up work when they return to school.  It is their responsibility to check in with their teachers and get their work.  Students will also have study-buddies in each class who they may contact to find out what was missed each day.   

Work may be requested through the office or the team only if your child has been absent for at least 3 full days.  Requests received by 2pm on or after the third day will be available for pick-up in the office by 3pm the next day (Handbook policy).   Again, if a student is out for any reason, they should plan on staying after school when they return to ensure they understand the missed work.



Voluntary Absence

            If you know your child will be missing an extended period of time (3 or more days) we ask that you choose one of two Handbook options.

  1. You may request work that will be missed ahead of time. At least one week’s notice must be given to the team (in writing) to gather the work.  All work is due the day the student returns to school.
  2. You may wait until you return to collect your work. For this option, you have a period of time equal to the absence in which to make up the work. 

For either choice, we ask for the following things to occur:

  • Send in a note with your child stating the dates of the planned absence.
  • Your child should deliver all notes to Kerstin Barrett. She will give your child a contract to take home.  We ask that you choose one of the above two options, sign the contract, and return it to Mrs. Barrett.  She will inform the team of your option and we will plan accordingly.



            Students will not be able to carry backpacks around during the school day.  This is a building policy.  All students are assigned a locker and combination for their use during the school day.




            Agendas are an important survival tool for sixth grade.  We have spent time going over how to properly set up and utilize the different elements of the agenda in order to maximize success.  Agendas also serve as a useful communication link between home and school.  Please check your child’s agenda regularly to help ensure their organization and success.  The agenda is the first place to look for nightly homework.  Students should have something filled in for every box, every day.  You may check Schoology for additional information regarding assignments.

            For the first term, we also ask that you sign your child’s agenda every night (including Fridays!).  We hope that you will do this only after your child has finished their homework.  We understand this is time-consuming, but strongly believe it is a helpful way to open the lines of communication at the beginning of the year and help ensure a successful start for your child.  This is where you will also find quick notes from the teacher if your child has missed a homework assignment, etc.