• Welcome to Fourth Grade!

     We are so excited that we are going to spend this year together! This is going to be an amazing year…..

    ABC’s of Fourth Grade


    A Attendance- It is important for your child to be at school on time everyday! You will significantly increase your child’s chances for success by making sure that he or she is here, and on time, everyday.


    B Be prompt. We start promptly at 7:35 and students have morning work and organizational activities to complete. We take this time to write in our agendas and to go over the homework for the evening. One on one time with students that need extra support in certain areas takes place first thing. Don’t miss out on this important session.


    C Conferences-Good communication between home and school is important to your child’s academic success, so Duxbury Public Schools asks that we meet at least twice this year. I will let you know when the scheduled parent/teacher conferences are, however, I would be glad to meet with you at any time!


    D Dress for the weather. Our classroom is extremely warm during the first few months of school. However students are required to head out to recess in cold weather too. Dress in layers to help combat all environments. J


    E Emergency information- It is important that the school nurse be given all contact information in case of emergencies. If your child is ill we will need a number that we can contact.


    F Field Trips- We will be planning a few different field trips this year. Be sure to return the permission slips promptly with checks only to be sure your child is included in these amazing opportunities.


    G Grades- I will send home all graded work weekly in our “Thursday Folder”. We use standards based report card. P=Proficient, A=Approaching, D=Developing, B=Beginning. Students  


    H Homework- Your child will have math homework each night, to practice what we worked on in class that day. Students will also have a spelling/vocabulary assignment nightly. Students should not work for more than 40 minutes on homework nightly. We work hard during the school day and homework is a time to reinforce and practice skills. Not a time of stress for families and students. We want students to feel comfortable and to become independent in their homework this year. Please communicate with us if your child was unable to complete the assignment. Otherwise homework is due the next day. They are held accountable for missed homework and will make it up during our Recess Academy time. We are working towards making your child responsible and organized this year please support us in this endeavor.


    I Invitations- Students may only hand out invitations (for birthday parties, etc.) if there is one for every child in the class. Otherwise, please take care of this outside of school we don’t want anyone to have hurt feelings.


    J Join the PTA- The PTA is a great way for you to get involved with the Duxbury Public Schools.


    K Kindness- An important part of a successful classroom is that all students treat one another with kindness, I expect all students to be kind in their words and actions.


    L Lunch- Our class will eat lunch 11:55-12:20


    M Multiplication- Multiplication is a big part of the fourth grade math standards, and it is important or all students to know the basic multiplication facts from memory. I will be asking for your help with this at home this year.  All students will have an account with xtramath and they will be earning rewards through this program. (Practicing multiplication facts with a set of flashcards is also a great way to practice) Students will participate in daily  “Beat the Clock” tests and school wide assessments to gauge their proficiency level. A “Beat the Clock” packet will be coming home and students will be asked to complete these nightly until they have mastered their facts.


    N Newsletter- The monthly newsletter will be housed online. Please refer to our online webpage to find out the latest information and happenings in the classroom.



    O Office- Remember to call the office with any changes for your child's dismissal plan! Also check in at the office any time you visit the school.


    P Planner- Your child’s planner (agenda) will be transported in their binder between school and home daily. He or she will use the space to keep track of all homework assignments, due dates, and special announcements. I will check each agenda at the end of the day and sign it. Please be sure to check your child’s agenda nightly and sign it as well. This is also a great place to write quick notes to me!


    Q Questions- If you have any questions for me, please feel free to email me. Email addresses are:

    Mrs. Bateman- mbateman@duxbury.k12.ma.us  

    Ms. Ball-  aball@duxbury.k12.ma.us

    This is the best way to reach us with questions as we check our email often.


    R Rewards/Recess- We use a rewards based system where students can cash in points that they earn for small prizes. We are always looking for donations for our “store”. Inexpensive prizes work great to motivate students.

    Recess will be 11:30-11:55 daily.


    S Social Studies and Science- Our students work on a team of 2 teachers this year. We switch for Social Studies and Science. Ms. Ball teaches Science, while Mrs. Bateman teaches Social Studies.


    T Thursday Folder- This folder will be go home each Thursday night and students and parents should work to complete any work that may need revision for better understanding. This folder should be signed and returned to school the next day. Please keep the papers that were revised in the folder and all other work and notices can be removed and kept at home.


    U Up-to-Date- Please remember to keep me up-to-date on any important changes in your child’s life. I care about your child and I want to help him or her be successful, both in and out of school. Even small things can affect some children so please communicate changes with us.


    V Volunteers- If you will be interested in volunteering for class events and field trips please make sure you have an up to date CORI with the Main Office. We often send out emails looking for support from families.


    W Water Bottles- All students are allowed to keep a bottle of water at their desk during the school day. Please make sure that the water bottles have tight caps.


    X Xtra practice- If you would ever like any ideas for ways to help your child at home please access our webpage. It is an extensive list of all skills your child will learn as a 4th grader.


    Y Your Support- Your support is so important to your child’s success in school! If you have any questions or concerns about anything in our classroom, please contact me. I am here to help your child have a successful and rewarding 4th grade year.


    Z Zzzzzzz- Be sure your child gets plenty of sleep each night so that he or she is prepared to do his or her best in class. 4th graders still need 10 hours of sleep. Please be sure they are fully rested and ready to succeed this year!