• Technology in Mathematics

     Students have been demonstrating their understanding of mathematics in meaningful ways in our 1:1 learning environment at both the middle and high school. Our teachers have developed projects that apply mathematics to the real world, encourage students to be creative in their demonstration of mathematical ideas, and give students choice in how they will demonstrate knowledge. Below are a few examples of the student projects done here at the middle and high school.
    Presented at the Classroom of the Future Showcase at the LearnLaunch Institute in 2016, Mathematics Technology Applications is a seniors-only mathematics course that reviews high school math concepts from Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 in a Project Based Learning format. Students read, write, and present Mathematics while answering the question:
    How can I use Mathematical Modeling to Understand the World Around Me? 
    Teacher Feature: Mrs. Donovan
    After participating in the AppleCore program through district provided professional development, Mrs. Donovan began incorporating iMovie and iBooks into her Calculus classes. The performance assessments Mrs. Donovan has developed incorporate student voice and choice, encourage creativity, and support leveraging technology to redefine the student learning experience. 
     Student Feature: Jordan LaMothe
    As a student at DHS,  Jordan has been immersed in technology in our 1:1 program. Listen to his reflection on the impact of technology on teaching and learning. Jordan has participated in many performance assessments and wishes to pursue a career in Education.  
    Teacher Feature: Mrs. Coleman
    As our AP Statistics teacher, Mrs. Coleman understands the cross-section between writing and mathematics, placing an emphasis on reading, writing, and communicating in her Statistics classes. Mrs. Coleman has leveraged concept maps this academic year to support student synthesis of mathematics concepts and aid her students in understanding the big picture, make connections, and apply mathematics to the real world through mathematical modeling.
    Below are just a few examples of how teachers at Duxbury Middle and High School are leveraging technology to create authentic learning opportunities for our students: 




    Video Link



    Video Link

    Mrs. Coleman's students created concept maps in Statistics.  


    Statistic's Concept Map   


    Mr. Chiver's Pre-Calculus students created mathematics themed superhero stories.  


    The Adventures of Bank Robbery Preventer Man 


    Mrs. Sullivan's Pre-Algebra students created videos on important mathematics concepts in grade 7.   


    Solving Two-Step Equations 


    Ms. Donovan's Calculus students created mathematics themed children's stories.


    Gilbert the Squirrel