What Teens Don't Know May Hurt Them

    image of teens  
    Many physical and mental health initiatives that impact the country as a whole are addressed by the CDC (Center for Disease Control Prevention).

    We are all familiar with the impact this agency has had on early childhood illness prevention. Their concerns continue with the vulnerable teenagers.

    The CDC strongly recommends that 11-12 year old girls and boys receive the HPV vaccination (human papillomavirus). This vaccination will work best at this particular age preventing many forms of HPV which have been shown to cause infertility and cervical cancers. Both Boys girls and boys are at equal risk for contracting and transmitting this disease. At least 50% of sexually active people will have genital HPV at some time in their lives.

    Each year when I review middle school immunizations, only about 10% are getting this immunization during the targeted time period. While immunizing up until 26 years of age can occur, it is less effective. Please consider researching this topic, discussing it with your Health Care Provider, and making an informed, proactive decision.