• Welcome to Before & After Dark

    We hope that all of you in our community are safe and well. 



    We are currently holding off on course offerings for the Fall, but hope to

    have classes lined up for the Winter or Spring term. 

    Please visit this website for updated information.  Thank you 


    Please email questions to scoonan@duxbury.k12.ma.us

    We appreciate your continued support of the Before and After Dark program. 

    This is a year-round community program which provides a forum for sharing,
    bringing together those residents who wish to teach with those who want to learn. 
    The Duxbury Public Schools offer this program as a service to the community 
    and as an opportunity to utilize the school facilities throughout the year.


    When Duxbury Public Schools have a delayed start, are released early, or
    closed for the day due to weather or other conditions, Before and After
    Dark classes are canceled as well. Families will be notified of arrangements for
    make-up classes when the Schools/ Before and After Dark office re-opens.