Advanced Placement English

    Duxbury High School's English Department offers two AP courses:  English Language and Composition and English Literature and Composition. Both courses are open to juniors and seniors and can be taken in any order. However, students may not take both courses simultaneously.
    Click on the relevant link below to apply.  Note that you must be signed in to your school Gmail account in order to access the form.
    Please conduct a careful reading of all components of the form and submit your best work where requested. 
    Note that the application must be submitted on or before March 24, 2021.  The form will become inactive after that date.
    Note, too, that the form might take some time to complete.  You will need to assemble information about test scores and grades.  You will also need to write a polished, well-organized letter and to submit a recent essay from your English class.  Thus, don't wait until the day before the deadline to begin completing the form.
    Contact ELA Supervisor Dr. Karen Baynes (kbaynes@duxbury.k12.ma.us) with any questions.