• Statement on Algebra Mastery 

    Algebra 1 is the foundation of all sequential mathematics courses. As early as Geometry, students are applying their knowledge of linear algebra to solve for the relationships between shapes, lines, and planes while also applying their knowledge of linear algebra to conduct geometric proofs. Algebra 2 courses build off of a student’s Algebra 1 knowledge and apply algebraic solving techniques to non-linear algebra. Pre-Calculus again revisits this technique while also integrating an advanced understanding of relationships of triangles and trigonometric ratios and functions. Finally, the foundation of Calculus is an understanding of the derivative, which represents the instantaneous slope of a function.

    All pathways to advanced mathematics courses require algebra mastery, and it is the responsibility of the mathematics department at Duxbury Public Schools to ensure Algebra 1 mastery prior to exposing students to the sequential courses in our program that build upon that mastery. It is because of this that all of our students moving from Algebra 1 courses to Geometry courses are required to demonstrate proficiency in Algebra 1 prior to moving forward in our curriculum. This requirement is built into our placement policy and is structured to ensure that students are moving into a course with the appropriate pre-requisite skillset to be able to apply their Algebra knowledge to new concepts.