Formatting a Google Doc



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Formatting a Google Doc

Formatting a new Google Doc



Step 1

  • Create a new document on Google Docs


Step 2

  • Click on the words “Untitled Document” in the upper left hand corner
  • Rename your document


Step 3

  • Look at the toolbar at the top of your document. Google Docs defaults to “Arial” for its font type. You need to change this to “Times New Roman.”
  • Next to that, you will see a number. This is the font size. Change this to “12.”


Step 4

  • Set up your heading.
  • Type Class/Period
  • Tab 8 times
  • Type your name (first & last)
  • Press Return one time
  • Type the date
  • Tab 8 times
  • Type your teacher’s name
  • Press Return one time
  • Center your cursor (use the button on the toolbar for “center align”) and type your title


Step 5

  • Press return three times
  • Click the button for “line spacing” on the toolbar
  • Select “double” for line spacing (double space). Remember, your heading is NOT double spaced, only your document is


Step 6

  • Start typing your document. Remember to INDENT the beginning of each new paragraph