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Wordly Wise Quiz Information


Students are required to fill out a quiz log for each Wordly Wise quiz.  This quiz log serves two purposes.  First, it is ensuring that students are taking the time to revisit their quiz after they receive their grade and reflect on both what they did well on and areas they still need to work on.  Secondly, this should provide an opportunity at home for families to have conversations about grades.


Students have all of the information they need to complete this.  Quiz logs will remain in their binders for the duration of each grading period.  Both the quiz (sent from Google Forms) and the grade & questions correct/incorrect (sent from Flubaroo) exist in their First Class email accounts.  Because the quizzes are taken electronically, all of the data will be coming through their emails.  


Students have spent time during multiple class periods learning how to access Gmail and how to check their emails. They can access Gmail through the district homepage, as well as simply by searching in their web browser.






- Students may need to scroll down in their emails to find the most recent results

- Students should try sorting their mailboxes by "last modified" if they have not already done so.  This will bring the most recent emails they have received to the top.

- We spent time in class organizing our mailboxes and creating folders.  Students have been encouraged to file their Wordly Wise emails in a "Wordly Wise" folder for easy access if they need to revisit anything.

- If none of this is working, students should plan on staying after school to check in with me so that I can help them trouble shoot.