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    How do students earn Dragon Deeds? It's easy! Students earn Dragon Deeds by following Alden Schools RESPECT expectations. 


    R = Responsibility

    E = Effort

    S = Spirit

    P = Patience

    E = Excellence

    C = Caring

    T = Teamwork


    Any adult in the building can recognize a student with a Dragon Deed. The bulletin board contains all of the Dragon Deeds that have been awarded and brought back for our weekly drawing, which recognizes the Dragon Deed of one student per grade Students chosen are announced each week on Monday during announcements and families are contacted for congratulations. I also take a picture of the students being recognized for the bulletin board.

    Dragon Deed Bulletin Board
    Left: The Dragon Deed bulletin boards fill up quickly-and then are filled up again many times over! 
    This chart organizes and categorizes behavior into EXPECTED and various UNEXPECTED columns. Staff use this chart to help students understand different behaviors and what is expected in school.
    I will sometimes use this sheet to help students think about different behaviors and the effects of those behaviors.