• Volunteer at Alden School

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Please complete the following steps to be eligible to volunteer at Alden School:

    • Submit volunteer information. Click here for the form to submit volunteer information . This information must be submitted every year for each student's classroom in which the parent(s) wishes to volunteer. If you have more than one child, you need to complete a separate form for each child's classroom.
    • Current CORI on file. When you submit your Alden PTA Information Request Form, the Alden Main Office will check if your CORI is current. If you do not have a current CORI on file, CORI forms must be submitted in person to the Alden Main Office Staff along a copy of your driver's license. A state agency is responsible for reviewing and approving CORI forms. Once approved by the state, an individual’s CORI clearance is good for only three years, at the end of which time another CORI form must be submitted and approved. You will be contacted if your CORI has expired or if you do not have a CORI on file. Please note, CORIs submitted for town sports programs or other activities do not apply to Duxbury Public Schools.
    • Complete Volunteer Orientation. The Volunteer Orientation for Duxbury Public Schools can be sent to you via email, via backpack or can be reviewed with you at Alden School. Please click here to request the orientation information packet. The orientation needs to be completed just ONCE per lifetime. Orientation completed at Chandler School is valid for Alden School.

    You are eligible to volunteer once ALL of these tasks are complete. The Classroom Parent maintains a list of eligible volunteers for their teacher to reference during the school year.

    Please check out the CURRENT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES at Alden School! Some opportunities are an hour or two at a one time event, some are monthly and others are weekly. We appreciate any time you can give to volunteer!