About Mr. Sheptyck

    Mr. Sheptyck

    I grew up in Milton, MA and attended all of Milton's public schools up through high school. After graduating MHS, I went on to the University of New Hampshire to earn my undergraduate degree, graduating in 2010, and completed my Master’s in Education from American International College in 2019. I started teaching at Alden School in 2015, but before that I worked in the Milton, Waltham, and Brookline school systems. I have spent my full Alden career in 4th grade (the best grade) but I worked in 5th grade before coming here. In the summertime, I work in a welding shop in Quincy, which is a very different kind of work from teaching!

    My #1 hobby is playing the guitar. I have been playing since I was 14 and still am always playing, writing, and practicing. I’ve been in lots of different bands and have also spent time working as a private instructor. I’m also a big sports fan, primarily football, baseball, and basketball. I love fantasy football, and my friends and I have a league that has been running since we were kids. I was a baseball player for many, many years, and worked briefly as a coach after graduating from college. I am a huge Star Wars and Marvel Comics megafan and collect tons of stuff from both franchises to display around my house. My family owns a home in Eastham on Cape Cod, and we spend a lot of time there fishing, going out on our boat, and going to the beach. 

    I live with my fiancee Emily and our two dogs, Frenchie and Drax, and our cat, Reese. We purchased our first home in 2020 in Kingston, and we both love living in the area so far. We will be married in September of 2021, so it’s a very busy and exciting time! 

    I can’t wait to learn all about you! We are going to have a fantastic year of 4th grade!