blank Mr. Jake Sheptyck
    Grade 4, Room 333 - Alden Elementary School
    Teaming with Mrs. Wigmore
    Mr. Sheptyck

    Hello families,

    Welcome to February. It certainly hasn’t seemed like winter outside lately!

    I ask that you keep up the conversations about appropriate school behavior at home. A classroom of peers can quickly feel more like a group of siblings at the months go on, and therefore it is always helpful to continuously discuss whether or not the right choices are being made with regards to social interactions and general classroom behavior.

    In math, we have concluded our unit on adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, and will be beginning to look at multiplying fractions! The students did a fantastic job with the previous topic and I have no doubt that we will do just as well with this next one. That being said, please use every tool at your disposal to reinforce the notion of fractions given the heavy importance of it at the 4th grade level as well as some of the more abstract facets of the content area.

    In literacy, we continue to examine nonfiction text, but we have been heavily involved in the creation and presentation of a research project based around natural disasters. The students have greatly enjoyed their time in these research groups, and the projects are looking fantastic! Feel free to ask them about their topic and probe for some information regarding the many subtopics we investigated, such as causes of each of the natural disasters and measurement.

    In social studies, the students have concluded studying the Southwest and Southeast regions of the US. We will soon be moving on to our “home turf” of the Northeast! We also worked in a great STEM project regarding hurricanes that the students really enjoyed. We spend some time discussing natural resources and industry, so if you are aware of any of those things found locally, please be sure to share that information with your children!

    Thursday, February 13th is our monthly Passport check

    Friday, February 14th is Valentine’s Day as well as the date of our party. Please remember that if your child is planning on distributing Valentines they should include one for every student in the class and that no food should be passed out.

    There is no school the week of February 17th for vacation! Enjoy!

    As always, let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


    - Mr. Sheptyck