• 1:1 Classroom Management

    • Strategies to help students focus on learning while working in a 1:1 technology environment (grades 8-12):
      • Set ground rules at the beginning of the year. Review with students the DPS Acceptable Use Guidelines (AUG) and your classroom rules that deal with laptops. Post the Acceptable Use Guidelines on your class web site to refer students to when necessary.
      • Require that students charge laptops at night. 
      • Require that students have headphones to use with their laptop in the classroom.
      • Student printing is only allowed before and after school in the library.
      • Arrange desks so that you can see screens.
      • Have signs at the front of the classroom with the words "open", "closed", and "put away." Put one of the three signs up on the front board indicating what status the computers should be in during the lesson.
      • Circulate behind students when they are working on computers, so you can see their screens.
      • Train students to properly behave in a 1:1 classroom. As students work on computers, circulate, praise proper behavior and acknowledge misuse.
      • To get student's attention while working on laptops, tell students to "45 your screens" for a short discussion or "close your screens" for a longer discussion.
      • Start with focused assignments that all students are completing at the same time. Once students can handle those assignments, move on to more individualized instructional plans.
      • Use a timer for activities such as warm-ups and blog writing. It will help keep students focused on the task.