•  Back to School Supplies for Team 6A
    Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Math and Science Only
    Supplies for non-core classes will be announced by the teacher during the first class.
    Please note, Team teachers anticipate that not all families
    will have all supplies the first day or week of school. 
    And that is OKAY.
    At a minimum, please come to school with a plastic "Home-School" folder, pencil, and colored pencils. 

    We, teachers, recognize school supplies are expensive. 
    To help decrease the cost we encourage you to RE-USE old materials when possible. 
    Thank you for making these materials available to your student.

    1. Binders: 5 half inch 3-ring binders
      • The teachers color code each period and highly recommend students find a way to color-code their binders to help with organization.  The color code is red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. 
        • Suggestions from previous students:
          • use binders in these colors
          • use white binders with plastic sleeves on the front, back and side then insert a piece of color paper behind the plastic sleeves
          • use any binder and color-code them using a marker, sticker, duct tape of these colors, etc.
    2. Home/School folder: durable plastic folder (write home on the left inside pocket and school on the right inside pocket)
    3. Dividers: new or used 15 dividers/tabs to be split up between binders as direct by the teacher
    4. Paper: 50 sheets of 3-hole punch lined paper
    5. Plastic sleeves/Sheet Protectors: 10 sleeves
    6. Spiral Notebook: 1 70-page notebook for writing
    7. Pencils: 10 wooden pencils preferred
    8. Pen: erasable blue or black
    9. Erasers: 1 handheld eraser and/or a few pencil toppers (optional)
    10. Correcting pen: red is preferred
    11. Highlighters: light colors preferred
    12. Index cards: 3x5 for flashcards and studying
      • optional: plastic case to hold index cards
    13. Colored pencils: primary colors
    14. Pencil Sharpener: handheld with a container to hold pencil shavings
    15. Pencil bag: bags are preferred to plastic boxes due to their durability
    16. Earbuds: an inexpensive air to keep in the pencil bag
    17. Classroom Supplies: If possible please choose 1 item to bring to your iLab Teacher the first week of school:
      • box of tissues
      • disinfectant wipes
      • paper towels
      • hand sanitizer (small size only)


    Thank You