• What is Maintenance Direct? 
    The Maintenance Direct is an online ticketing process to coordinate the building and mechanical issues faculty and staff are experiencing and prioritize them so they can be resolved. You will find a link to Maintenance Direct on the DPS Website homepage under Tech Links.
     Directions on using Maintenance Direct:
    When you open Maintenance Direct you'll come to the Duxbury Facilities Dept. Work Request Page
    • Enter your user name and press submit
    • You are now at the Work Request Page
    • Step 1: Ensure that all of the information about you in Step 1 is correct.
    • Step 2: Select your Location, Building, Area and Room Number
    • Step 3: Select problem type.
    • Step 4: Describe your problem or request.
    • Step 5: You can submit an attachment file if necessary.
    • Step 6: Submittal Password: helpme
    • Step 7: Click Submit
    You will receive email notifications on your request.