• Guidance Counselors for students can be found on the portal for all students.  
    Students are assigned based on the first letter of their last name as well as their grade level.  Requests for changes in Guidance Counselor must be put in writing to the Guidance Director, Lisa Dembowski for consideration.  Please note that only extenuating circumstances will be considered due to caseload balancing.
    Below is a chart for assignments:
    Grade 9 (Class of 2025)
    A - C.  Mrs Kelly Jurgens
    D-G.   Mr Patrick Maguire
    H-Ma  Mrs. Bridget Mellon
    Mc-R.  Mr Jon Cucinatto
    S-Z.   Ms. Brianna DeCoste
    Grade 10 (Class of 2024)
    A-B      Mrs. Kelly Jurgens
    C-F      Mr. Patrick Maguire
    G-L      Mrs. Bridget Mellon
    M-R     Mr. Jon Cucinatto
    S-Z      Ms. Brianna DeCoste 
    Grade 11 (class of 2023)
    A-C      Mrs. Kelly Jurgens
    D-H      Mr. Patrick Maguire
    I-L        Ms. Bridget Mellon 
    M-R     Mr. Jon Cucinatto
    S-Z      Ms. Brianna DeCoste
    Grade 12 (class of 2022)
    A-D      Mrs. Kelly Jurgens
    E-J       Mr. Patrick Maguire
    K-M      Ms. Bridget Mellon 
    N-R      Mr. Jon Cucinatto
    S-Z      Ms. Brianna DeCoste