• Happy Birthday!  

    What is an Alden Birthday Book?

    After you submit your order with $15 donation, Library staff will ask your child to select a brand new book from the reserved Birthday Book section of the library.  A parent volunteer will place a bookplate with your child’s name, age, birthdate and (optional) picture inside the front cover of the book, which will then be checked out to your child.  He or she is the first student in school to borrow that book from our library! When they’ve finished reading the book they will return it to the library so that other students may enjoy it for years to come - and your child and anyone who checks it out will always know that it is his or her special birthday book.

    Why make a donation for a Birthday Book for the Alden Library?

    It’s exciting for your child, fun for all the other library users, supports the Alden PTA, and helps expand and improve the Alden Library collection.

    What kinds of books will be available?

    The selection of birthday books will be a wide variety of high-interest, age-appropriate titles in many different genres, including popular new releases, graphic novels, the latest entries in series, and so on. Birthday books will be high quality and also fun and exciting for the kids.

    When will my child be able to check out the Birthday Book that s/he chose?

    As soon as the parent volunteers have processed the book, your child will be able to check it out. This should be within a week or two of when your child chose it.

    My child sees a book he or she would like to choose but won't celebrate a birthday for quite some time.  Can we still participate?

    YES! Please feel free to submit the order form/payment at any time.

    Where can I find the form?

    The online form is available here.

    I have more questions. Whom should I contact?

    Please email Jen Burns at jburns@duxbury.k12.ma.us 

    Thank you for your support of the Alden Library!