• During the week of August 17-21, incoming junior and senior Duxbury High School students are invited to participate in “Time and Tides”, a unique learning community designed to complement their high school education. Students and faculty from different disciplines will combine science, math, and the humanities to acquire a greater understanding of themselves and our world in Duxbury. Students who continue working with teachers during the year will earn 2.5 credits toward graduation, and the opportunity to pioneer what could potentially develop into a new course at DHS.

    Throughout the week, students will explore the topic of “Roots” across disciplines and synthesize a common pattern of ideas. As students begin to make connections, they become increasingly capable of asking better questions. As students discover their own distinct voices, they become more effective in providing feedback to both peers and faculty. These skills will evolve into the capacity to cooperate with others as we work as a community toward shared goals.

    Activities and objectives for the topic of “Roots” may include planting shrubs and perennials at the new Duxbury Middle/High School, exploring the science behind deep roots and tall growth, searching family ancestry at the Duxbury Free Library, researching historical roots in Duxbury, and understanding the ideals valued in Western traditions as European colonists made their way across the Atlantic into the New World.

    The hope of “Time and Tides” is that students will leave the program with not only the tools, but also the drive, to leverage learning in the service of other individuals and organizations; in essence, students will be better prepared to shape and improve the world in which we live.

    Location: DHS and in and around Duxbury

    Cost: Free

    When: August 17-21

    Time: Monday-Wednesday and Friday 9-3

             Thursday 1-9

    Teachers:  Mrs. Coleman-Math

         Ms. Hart-Latin

         Mrs. Marino-English

                     Mrs. Murray-Art

         Mr. O’Connell-Science