• Credit for Life Financial Literacy Fair

    Launched in the Spring of 2016, Duxbury High School has now executed two financial literacy fairs for DHS seniors in partnership with the Duxbury Senior Center. The fair gives students an opportunity to rehearse the real-world experience of balancing their monthly budget in their chosen career. The student experience also includes workshops that support a deeper level of understanding for our seniors. The workshops have included the following:
    Navigating your College Campus
    Career Pathways in Finance
     Don't Just Be, Be a Citizen
     The Impact of your Credit Score
    The Road to Retirement
    The Job Interview 
    The Fair would not be possible without the continued support of the Duxbury community and partnership with the Duxbury Senior Center. For additional questions or to reach out to volunteer, please utilize the links below. 
    Credit for Life Planning Committee
    Meg Radzik, DHS mathematics and business teacher
    Kate Donovan, DHS mathematics teacher
    Chris Coakley, PTO president
    Brandon Josselyn, mathematics supervisor, grades 6-12 

    Please view the Credit for Life Planning Presentation for more information on the logistics of the Fair.
    Please use the Google Form to volunteer to participate.  
    Please contact Meg Radzik (mradzik@duxbury.k12.ma.us) if you have any questions.