• Classroom Parent

    The Classroom Parent is the primary liason between PTA, the teacher and the parents of students in the class. Your role depends largely on your teacher. Some teachers will ask for a lot of assistance from the Class Parent(s) while others ask for very little help. 
    All Classroom Parents are asked to perform the following tasks:
      • Distribute a class contact list. Parents submit the Contact Information Form with details for the class list via a PTA form on www.aldenpta.org. Class Parents have access to the information submitted. Please continue to update and share the class contact list if you receive contact information after the inital lists have been sent to the class. 
      • Maintain a list of eligible volunteers. Parents submit the Volunteer Form via a PTA for on www.aldenpta.org. Class Parents have access to the information submitted. Please share the volunteer information with your teacher including any new volunteers added during the school year. 
      • Organize teacher gifts. Gifts are typically given in December and June. 
      • Coordinate volunteers. Volunteers may be needed for classroom activities, Passport Club and field trips.
      • Plan classroom celebrations. Classroom celebrations are typically planned for Halloween, Winter Holidays, Valentine's Day, Field Day and an End of Year Celebration. Check-in with your teacher throughout the school year to see if he/she wants help organizing classroom celebrations.

    Please review the Classroom Parent Reference page for important information and instructions for Classroom Parents.

    Classroom Parents 2019-2020

    Please contact Shannon McIntosh semcintosh@gmail.com with any questions.

    *Class Parents - Email aldenptaCP@gmail.com if you need access to your class list or volunteer spreadsheet.

    3 Coronella Jen Litchfield and Stacey Hampton
    3 Doel Sandy Nelson and Jen Cross
    3 Fryar Meredith Jefski and Kelly Corbett-Hanley
    3 Hanlon Shayna Zoltowski and Madeleine Sampson
    3 Hastings-Ely Megahn Hughes
    3 McDonough Christine Arcese, Kate Rafoth and Cristin Gillespie
    3 Miele Natalie Franke and Katie Kane
    3 Murray Meghan Aylward and Kate Moriarty
    3 Nissi Holly Cristofaro and Regina McKinney
    3 Santos Tracey Fitzpatrick and Katie Penwell
    4 Ball Amy Flynn and Jennifer Tenney
    4 Bateman Meghann McKissock and Heidi Felago
    4 Desmond Kate Sargent and Mary Beth Cornwall
    4 Geigle Kristy Ladieu
    4 Morgan Debbie Parker, Tara Bantos and Aun Holland
    4 Rinkus Hayley Stewart
    4 Sheptyck Danielle MacKinnon and Kathleen McMahon
    4 Stadelmann Molly Mazanec and Farrah Sing-Peters
    4 Sulkala Shannon McIntosh and Erika Sheridan
    4 Wigmore Stepahnie Edmonds, Michelle Zoltowski and Lara Kingston
    5 Armstrong Bava Daly
    5 Fuchs Connie Stoev
    5 Girouard Megan Driscoll and Anne Hoffner Nelson
    5 Kelly Amy Florek
    5 Lamare Sherri Hussar
    5 McNeil Leigh Gammons
    5 Riser Cathy Leitner, Fleur Pang and Jeanne Vaughn
    5 Ryan Jen Kelley and Erin Gilbert
    5 Scully Andrea Gojnycz and Kyla Curley
    5 Tam Janice Armstrong and Kerri Szafran