Below you will find the counselor assignments for 8th grade students when they become 9th graders at DHS.  Using the first letter of the student's last name, you can see to whom the student is assigned.  Please note that changes in Guidance Counselors are not typically honored unless there is an extraordinary circumstance.  If this is the case, please put it in writing to the Guidance Director. 
    A-C              Mrs. Kelly Jurgens
    D-G              Mr. Patrick Maguire
    H-Ma            Ms. Bridget Mellon
    Mc-R             Mr. Jon Cucinatto
    S-Z               Ms. Brianna Decoste
    As assigned   Mrs. Lisa Dembowski, Guidance Director
     Parents/Cregivers of 8th grade students are asked to complete the short survey below as we plan programming for transition to high school.