• January Class News

    Room 229 News


    Mrs. Myrsini Smith                                                                                                              January 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                          msmith@duxbury.k12.ma.us

    Dear Families,


          Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a happy and healthy vacation.  I have missed your little ones and am so glad to see their smiles today. It was also great to see all of you who attended our Visiting Day last month.  The children thoroughly enjoyed having you join us for our Gingerbread themed activities.  Thank you to all the parents who donated the gingerbread cookies, candy, and frosting.  Thank you also for your donations of snacks, sanitizing wipes, liquid soap, etc.  We are all set for the rest of the year!  Finally, Mrs. Powers, Mrs. White, and I would like to give many thanks for the very generous holiday gifts.  It has been a pleasure working with your children. We are looking forward to making every day special during the second half of the school year! Time is really flying now.

          This month, you will be able to access your child’s first report card online. More information will be sent home regarding how to access the report card. Please take a moment to review the standards based report card brochure which can be accessed on the Curriculum and Instruction page on the Chandler School website. Here is a direct link: http://www.duxbury.k12.ma.us/domain/490 . You will want to be familiar with it when viewing your child’s report card. The following is a short summary of pertinent information copied directly from the brochure:

    In each grade level, all the skills listed on the report card will be taught and assessed throughout the year. Some skills will only be taught, and therefore assessed, in one term. When a standard is shaded, it has not been assessed that term.
    Many skills are assessed throughout multiple terms. This provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice a given skill throughout the year. It also allows the teacher to break down skills into manageable sections for students to learn best. For example, a math concept such as “knows addition facts” may be assessed in all three terms. The first term, the students are expected to know some facts, the second term the students will know more facts, and by the end of the year, the students will be expected to be proficient with all addition facts.
    In addition, standards are assessed across multiple terms because as the content of the literature or math becomes more complex as the year goes on, we want to provide e complex. Therefore, he or she may receive a “developing” for that skill in term 2.

       Cold weather is finally here.  We will continue to have outdoor recess throughout the winter.  Please send your child to school prepared with a warm coat, hat, and mittens for those chilly days. On snowy days, your child will be allowed to play off the black top if they have snow boots and snow pants. I recommend keeping extra gear at school in a reusable grocery bag.  If that is not possible, a separate bag daily for all of your child’s snow gear works best for us.  Please remember to label all their gear with their name or initials.  Please also remember to send in sneakers or shoes with your child on the days that he/she wears boots to school.  They need to change out of their boots during class time.


    Warm regards,

    Myrsini Smith

    Mrs. Powers, & Mrs. White




    Title, Author, Illustrator



    Author’s purpose- Fiction & Nonfiction

    Sequencing and Retelling

    Realism and Fantasy

    Comparing and Contrasting


    Phonics and Handwriting:

    All lowercase letter names and sounds, and formation


    Phonemic Awareness:

    counting syllables in words

    segmenting and blending the sounds in one syllable words


    Sight Words:

    I, am, the, a, and, are, to, is, his, as, has, was, (new: we, he, she, be, me)  




    Topic 7 Essential Question:
    How can representing taking apart and taking from in different ways help you learn about subtraction?

    Math Centers link:

    click here Topic 7


    Topic 2 -Matter
    K-PS1-1(MA). Investigate and communicate the idea that different kinds of materials can be solid or liquid depending on temperature.

    Essential Question: How can you classify different objects?


    Who was Martin Luther King Jr. and why is it important to remember him?

    What is Chinese New Year and how is it celebrated?

    Growing and Changing-

    - What new things can you do as you grow and change?

    - How do children change as they grow?

    - How do friendships change?

    - How does our pond change during the winter?



    •      January 17th – No School, Teacher Professional Development

    •      January 20th – No School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    *      January 30th - Kindergarten Family Learning Night: Time 6:00-6:45


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  • December Class News

    Room 229 News
    Mrs. Myrsini Smith December 2019


    Dear Families,

    What a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration our class shared with Mrs. Ferreira’s class! It was lovely to see both classes interacting so nicely. Hope you all enjoyed the holiday with your family and friends.

    The weather is will be changing quickly! Please remember this information regarding Blizzard Bags:

    • ●  K-2 students are asked to complete 2 assignments from the bingo board on each Blizzard Bag Day.

    • ●  When the students return to school, they should bring their bingo board back, with the squares colored in for the activities they completed, and any related work.

    • ●  Students have 2 weeks after the Blizzard Bag Day to bring back their completed work.

    • ●  If students do not complete the Blizzard Bag work, they will be marked absent for the day.

    • ●  You can also access the boards in the Quicklinks section of the Chandler School website.

      This year we will have 2 reporting terms, and report cards will be published on the Aspen portal in January and June. In addition to parent conferences during each term, I will also be sending home a Term Check-in, which will give families information about their child's progress both academically and socially/emotionally. These less formal check-ins will come home this Friday, December 6th.

      On Saturday, December 7th, the PTA hold our annual Holiday Festival. It is a great family experience and I enjoyed seeing many of you for the short time I was there. I hope you don’t forget your cameras- Santa will be a big hit!

      During the holiday season, many cultures use light to celebrate or commemorate special occasions. Our class will be learning about some ways light is used during different holidays as well as how various holidays all over the world are celebrated. I hope you have a terrific month! Here are some events to look forward to:


    We hope you are able to join us for our Family Visiting Day on Friday, the 13th of this month. We will be celebrating the holidays with fun Gingerbread themed games and activities. Families are invited to join us from 11:00-12:15 in our classroom. We hope each child will have an adult to join them on this special day! However, if you or another family member is unable to attend, please let me know and we will make plans for your child to have a special school helper. I will be sending out a SignUpGenius requesting donations soon.

    On Friday, December 20th, we will have a small class party to celebrate the holidays. We will sing, dance, and have a gift exchange. Please send your child with a small wrapped unlabeled gift valued at $6.00 or less that would be appropriate for both a girl and a boy. The children are continuing to learn about kindness, giving, and being thankful.

    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to

    contact me by email, note, or phone call.

    Important Dates:

    Warm regards,
    Mrs. Smith,
    Mrs. Powers, & Mrs. White


    Friday, December 6 - Term 1 Check-in sent home for K-2 students

    Saturday, December 7 - Chandler Holiday Fair @ 9:00 - 12:00

    Monday, December 9 - Early Release @ 12:10- Teacher Professional Development

    Tuesday, December 10 - School Picture Retake Day

    Friday, December 13 - Family Visiting Day 11:00-12:15

    Friday, December 20 - Class Party with gift exchange

    December 23 - January 1 -No School/Winter Break

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  • November Class News

    Room 229 News
    Mrs. Myrsini Smith November 2019


    Dear Families,

    It was wonderful to have so many families come to watch the Halloween parade! A special thank you to our homeroom parents and volunteers who helped with the activities for our Halloween celebration. It was a huge success! The kiddos were thrilled! Also, we thoroughly enjoyed our Community Helpers trip last month. The kids were tired, but they learned a lot and had some great fun. Thank you parent chaperones!

    This month we will be learning about the First Thanksgiving and how the Wampanoag tribe lived and helped the Pilgrims so long ago. We will be joining Mrs. Ferreira’s class to share in a friendship feast. We will also be discussing making healthy choices and how to avoid spreading germs. In Science we are beginning a unit on Force and Motion. Please see below for more curriculum information. I will be sending home backdated family newsletters from Fundations, our reading program, and a new Social Studies newsletter from our Nystrom program.

    If you are interested in helping your child at home with their reading, please know that any rehearsal of letter sounds, building and segmenting words, and reading our high frequency words is wonderful practice! Number identification practice would also be helpful for the children as we move forward and build on this skill. Feel free to play “I Spy” or “I’m Thinking of A...” at home as a fun way to incorporate skills into a game. Finally, don’t forget to help your children learn their address and phone numbers! It is an important safety skill.

    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by email, note, or phone call. Also, please let me know if you prefer not to receive class communications by email in the future.

    Warm Regards,

    Mrs. Smith,

    Mrs. Powers, & Mrs. White



    *We will review the letter names, introduce the basic sounds, and learn to write the following letters:

       /d/, /s/, /e/, /r/, /p/, /j/, /l/, /h/, /k/, /v/, /w/

    *We will review letters /t/, /b/, /f/, /n/, /m/, /i/, /u/, /c/, /o/, /a/, /g/

    *We will review the following high frequency words:   a,   I,   am,  the, and, are

    *We will also introduce new high frequency words to read: to, is, his, as, has, was


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  • October Class News

    ---------------------------Room 229 News ------------------------------

    Mrs. Smith                                                                                                 October 2019


    Dear Families,

          It was wonderful seeing so many of you at Open House last month! I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of what your child’s day looks like. This month we are beginning an integrated unit on Community and Community Helpers. We will have a culminating Field Trip to three places in our community and students will learn about the role community helpers play in the town of Duxbury. They will experience first-hand the daily routines of each of the community helpers and their importance to our town. On Wednesday, October 31st we will enjoy dressing up and a parade to celebrate Halloween. I can’t wait to see your little darlings on that very fun day! Please remember to make sure your child does not wear a mask or bring anything that would be considered violent or scary. After our parade which takes place at 10:45, we will celebrate with a fun party filled with singing, games, and crafts. Stay tuned for party and parade information coming to you soon. Please leave candy at home for your evening trick-or-treaters.

          A couple of housekeeping points; It’s that time of year again...Aaaachooo! Please remember to send in absence notes when your child is home sick. We are keeping them on file and documenting excused and unexcused absences. Also, please remember we visit the library on Fridays at 10:00 in the morning. We are expected to return our borrowed books on or before Friday to be able to check out a new one during our scheduled special. Finally, I along with our homeroom parents will be sending out volunteer information soon. We will be using SignUp Genius for Computer Lab volunteers, Mystery Readers, and Mad Science volunteers. We would greatly appreciate your help in completing the Volunteer Forms as soon as possible.

         Your children are really looking forward to Math every day. This month, we will continue to count, read, and write numbers 0-5, look for patterns and shapes all around us, and compare numbers 0-5. We will also begin counting, reading, writing, and comparing numbers 6-10. You can help your child develop early time and money skills by counting by 1s, 5s, and 10s whenever you think of it. Try to go all the way to 100. They love to practice counting, especially if it’s just for fun! The following is a link to our EnVisions Math “Centers”. I will be sending home your child’s username and passwords at conferences.  EnVision Math Centers

         Literacy is moving right along and your kiddos are as well. I can’t believe the growth I see in them already! It’s truly the best part of my job. When I see the way their faces light up after they have realized they can read and write all by themselves, it really warms my heart! Please show them you are interested in and excited about their learning whenever you catch them sharing an experience. Also, if you find a few minutes here or there, a great “game” to play with your children that will make a difference in their phonemic awareness acquisition is to hold up your hand and “sound out” words. For example, the word stop has 4 distinct sounds: /s/, /t/, /o/, and /p/.  Ask your child, “How many sounds do you hear in the word beach?” They should hold up a hand and say, /b/, /e/, /ch/, three. Even just asking them what the first sound or last sound they hear in words is extremely helpful in building phonemic awareness. Making learning fun is always the best way to go.

         If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by email, note, or phone call. Thanks again for your generous donations of hand soap, sanitizing wipes, and expo markers.

     Warm Regards,

    Mrs. Smith,

    Mrs. Powers, & Mrs. White

    Important Dates:


    ● Thursday, October 3 - Chandler PTA Meeting @ 9:30

    ● Friday, October 11 - NO SCHOOL - Teacher Professional Development

    ● Monday, October 14 - NO SCHOOL - Columbus Day

    ● Thursday, October 17th- Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences

    ● Monday, October 21 - Chandler School Picture Day

    ● Wednesday and Thursday, October 23rd and 24th - Early Release at 12:10 for Parent/Teacher Conferences

    ● Friday, October 25th, Community Helpers Field Trip

    ● Thursday, October 31st - Kindergarten Parade and Party – parade begins at 10:45 outside on the sidewalk in front of the building. Families are welcome to watch.


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  • September Class News

    Room 229 


    Mrs. Myrsini Smith                                                              September 2019



    Dear Families,


                It was a pleasure meeting many of you this week.  We had a fantastic first week and I look forward to working with you and being part of this important time in your child's growth and development. Each month, you will receive a newsletter most likely via email, which will update you on the activities and events taking place in our classroom.  Additional information can be accessed through the class webpage located under “Teacher Pages” on the Chandler School website.  This web page is a work in progress, but I think you will find it to be a helpful resource. http://www.duxbury.k12.ma.us/Domain/624  You can also follow us on Instagram @teamsmith229 to see our team in action.

                During the first few weeks of school, we will be getting to know each other, the classroom, the school, and our new routines.  We encourage the children to be respectful of others and the materials in the classroom.  They are encouraged to be “GREEN”, which stands for: Great Friend to All, Respect, Expected Behavior, Encourage Safe Choices, and Never Give Up!  I believe that if children feel happy, safe, and respected in their classroom, they will be able to take the risks necessary for learning. 

                            Throughout the month of September, we will be getting to know your children and establishing a routine they will follow for the rest of the year.  We will be observing them, interacting with them, and assessing their knowledge of numbers, letters, and letter sounds. All of the information we gather will be shared with you at our first parent/teacher conference in October. 

                Our schedule consists of a 120-minute literacy block, which includes shared reading and writing, independent reading and writing, and guided reading.  We also have 75 minutes of math daily. Science, social studies, technology, movement, socialization, creative and dramatic play and various “specials” are included in our schedule at different times throughout the week.  We visit the library on Mondays at 11:20 in the morning.  Children will have the opportunity to check out books for use at home.  They are expected to return these books on or before the following Tuesday so that they may check out a new one during their scheduled special. We also have Gym on Monday and Wednesday.  Please make sure your child wears comfortable clothing and sneakers to school on those days.

    I am interested in having parents/guardians volunteer in the classroom.   Our homeroom parents will be sending out information regarding volunteer opportunities in our class.  We will be using SignUpGenius this year to sign up.  Your time and help are always greatly appreciated!  Please sign up at least a week in advance to allow me to prepare for your assistance.  Completion of our volunteer orientation program and state CORI form is required of all new volunteers prior to working in the classroom.  If you have volunteered in Duxbury Public Schools in the past, you must sign a confidentiality form before volunteering in the classroom.  Following conferences, you will be able to find the link on my web page online.  You can also email your availability if it is more convenient. 

    Finally, Chandler school will be hosting an Open House on Wednesday, September 12th at 6:00.  Mark your calendars and please try to arrange childcare for this event. On this evening, you will be seeing a small glimpse of your child’s daily Kindergarten experience.  Parking may be difficult.  Please try to arrive no later than 6:55 so that you will not miss the start of my presentation.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by email, note, or phone call. 

                                                                                                           Warm Regards,

                                                                                                               Mrs. Smith,

                                                                                                   Mrs. Powers & Mrs. White    


    Important Dates:

    • September 3rd - No School, Labor Day
    • September 11th - Chandler School Open House 6:00 – 7:30 PM
    • September 24th - Early Dismissal, 12:10 - Professional Development



    We will be using a combination of Collaborative Classroom’s ​Making Meaning​ program, Fundations phonics program, and Reader’s Workshop. The first unit's essential question is: How do we live, work, and play together?



    We will be using the program EnVision Math 2.0.  EnVision Math 2.0 focuses on in-depth Math Clusters, develops in-depth understanding, and connects mathematical content and practice standards.  Topic 1's essential question is: How can numbers from 0-5 be counted, read, and written?  More information will be provided at our Open House. You can also access Chandler’s Curriculum webpage by clicking ​here​ .


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