• Payment for the AP Exams to be taken THIS year (May 2021)


    Dear AP Students, 

    I hope that you all are doing well! My name is Mrs. Dow and I am the AP exam coordinator here at Duxbury High School. I am writing to let you know that the AP payment link for the upcoming AP exams is now currently open and will remain open until 2/15. At that time, the link will close and re-open on February 22nd through March 22nd, with a late fee attached to each payment. This is for your current AP courses. 

    Payment Link: https://unipaygold.unibank.com/transactioninfo.aspx?TID=22693

    Please note- you are required to take your AP exams to receive the AP designation and weight on your transcript. An unprocessed payment or failure to take the exam will result in a loss of AP credit

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


    All the best, 

    Mrs. Dow

    AP Exam Coordinator 


    AP Exam Schedule 2021

    At this point exams are offered digitally and in traditional paper format by subject.  DHS will use digital where available.  However, at this point we are still not sure if we will test in school or remotely.  We will be working to finalize these plans over the next months.


    AP Schedule 1

    AP Schedule 2

    AP Exam 3

    AP Exam 4

    AP Exam 5