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    1. Project Based Learning - When Students do the Teaching
    2. Why Learning Should Be Messy


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    New Reasons to Dislike Multiple-Choice Testing  

    The use of multiple-choice tests disrupts the tone of learning, educator Terry Heick writes in this blog post. Presenting arguments against the testing, Heick writes that learning often is messy, while information -- especially today -- is ever-changing, which sharply contrasts with the neatness of multiple-choice exams. Heick also finds that multiple-choice exams further the illusion that there is only one right answer, when many times, the answer is not black and white. Click here to read more.

    How We Can Use Technology To Transform The Classroom

    Eric Savitz, Forbes Staff

    With each fundamental shift in America’s economy, our public education system has also transformed to meet the needs of both student and industry.  (Click here to continue)

    Flipping the Script in K12
    ‘Flipped classrooms’ gain ground, as students watch lectures on video, mostly at home, then do what would be ‘homework’ in class.        



    Education Week
        Studies Link Students' Boredom to Stress-   By Sarah D. Sparks
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