• Some Helpful Information About Our Class

     Class Work 

    Corrected work will be sent home via the Chandler Folder. I will keep some papers from each subject throughout the year to create a portfolio of your child’s progress. 
    When we’re beginning a new skill, the children and I will often complete pages or worksheets together. These papers will be marked “D.W.T.” (Done With Teacher) so you’ll know it was done as a class. I will write “with help” or “w/help” to let you know when your child needed individual help to complete a task.

    Green Folders

    Children are given a green Chandler Folder for "homework" and other notices. I will use the “keep at home” pocket to send you any notices.  It is an efficient way for you to send notes to me. Please help your child remember to check and return the folder every day. 


    I will send periodic newsletters and quick email messages to keep you informed about our progress in the curriculum and any special events or topics in our classroom. You may contact me via a note in your child's folder, by phone/ voice mail (781) 934-7680, or e-mail me at wcox@duxbury.k12.ma.us I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.
    NOTE: Please do not use e-mail or voice mail for time sensitive material such as a dismissal change. Please call the office for these needs.


    This year we will have recess before lunch. Recess begins at 11:15. We will have first lunch at 11:40 PM. Children may buy lunch and milk for $2.60. Milk, snacks, and small bottles of water may also be purchased separately.


    Please pack a healthy PEANUT and NUT FREE snack for your child to eat in the morning. Snacks should be something he/she can manage independently and eat in about 10 minutes time. Please pack the lunch and snack separately to help children avoid confusion.
    Note: Students are welcome to have water bottles with secure tops at their seats throughout the day.

    Our Special Schedule

    • Monday - Art                                         
    • Tuesday - Physical Education and Library                                                    
    • Wednesday - Music                                    
    • Thursday - Spanish
    • Friday – PE
    *Please remember children should wear sneakers and appropriate clothing on physical education days. 


    If your child is absent, please send a note explaining the absence upon your child's return to school. Thank you for your cooperation. 

    Label!  Label!  Label!

    Please remember to label everything your child brings to school!  Many jackets, lunch boxes, etc. look similar and labeling will help locate lost items.  


    Students will enjoy celebrating their birthday with their friends. We will sing “Happy Birthday”. The birthday child also receives a special birthday badge to wear and a couple of special items.  The focus will be to make the birthday child feel special on his/her day. We ask that you not send in birthday treats.  

    Just a reminder... We ask that you do not send birthday or holiday party invitations to school. Hurt feelings result if everyone is not included and lost or misplaced invitations can be upsetting for everyone. Thank you for helping with this.