• Mr. Krabs Murder Mystery
    Students will have the opportunity to be lawyers when they examine presented evidence and either defend or prosecute Sponge Bob, who has been accused of murdering Mr. Krabs. This several week long project targets reading comprehension, written skills, developing persuasive and logical arguments using evidence, and public speaking skills.
    Ninja vs Samurai
    Students will engage in research to prove the superiority of their chosen martial arts expert. Using the scientific method, they will set out to gather information, do experiments (such as walking on water), collect data, and present their findings using the latest technology. This typically is a year-long project, with sessions dedicated to working on it usually about once or twice a month.
    Students will research what the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution is, and will re-write it using language more suited to their level. They'll have a chance to substitute synonyms and antonyms, formulate solid sentences into paragraph form, and learn strategies for memorization as they commit the original Preamble to memory for recitation in front of peers. This usually takes a few weeks to complete. 
    Math Language Madness 
    This project is more of a unit, or even a celebration, as a math-loving student once put it. We review all the relevant math terms learned up to each students' level, and practice practice practice word problems and interpreting what they are trying to get us to solve. We play the best math language game ever invented, which is called, The Math Language Game. This madness usually lasts a couple of weeks.
    Animal Language 
    This is a new unit I've recently created that explores the body language of different animals and how it compares to human body language. Much of a message is communicated from person to person through the use of non-verbals. Animals are excellent at letting us know what they're thinking and feeling by showing us. The objective is to become more aware of the messages we're sending to others through the use of our non-verbal communication.