• Band Listening List

    This is a list of influential and talented concert musicians from whom we can all learn something.


    Sir James Galway Youtube

    Julius Baker
    Jeanne Baxtresser
    Lori Bell
    William Bennett
    Michel Debits Geoffrey Gilbert
    Marcel Mouse


    Julian Bliss YouTube  

    Carl Baermann
    Heinrich Baermann
    Jack Brymer
    Martin Fröst
    Johann Simon Hermstedt
    Sharon Kam
    Dieter Klöcker
    Karl Leister
    Sabine Meyer
    Jost Michaels
    Richard Mühlfeld
    Charles Neidich
    Richard Stoltzman


    Alex Klien Oboe  
    Heinz Holziger
    Maurice Bourgue
    Albrecht Mayer
    Alex Klein 


    James Houlik Tenor

    Marcel Mule
    Otis Murphy
    Jean-Yves Formeau
    Fred Hemke
    Eugene Rousseau
    James Hulk


    Alison Balsom  

    Maurice André
    Alison Balson
    Armando Ghitalla
    Haken Hardenberger
    Adolph “Bud” Herseth
    Malcom McNab
    Rafael Méndez
    Maurice Murphy
    Sergei Nakariakov
    Charles Schlueter
    Philip Smith
    William Vacchiano
    Allen Vizzutti
    Roger Voisin


    Stefan Dohr YouTube  

    Dennis Brain
    Dale Clevenger
    Philip Farkas
    Douglas Hill
    Michael Thompson
    Barry Tuckwell


    Toby Oft YouTube  

    Joseph Alessi
    Ian Bousfield
    Nick Hudson
    Christian Lindberg
    Denis Wick


    David Childs  

    Brian Bowman
    Leonard Falcone
    Arthur W. Lehman
    Simone Mantia
    Steven Mead
    David Thornton


    Alan Baer  

    William Bell
    Roger Bobo
    John Tommy Johnson
    Harvey Phillips
    Arnold Jacobs

    Mallet Percussion:

    Evelyn Glennie  

    Clair Omar Musser
    Leigh Howard Stevens
    Gordon Stout
    Nancy Zeltsman
    Evelyn Glennie


    Lance Drege  

    Tim Adams
    Cloyd Duff
    Vic Firth
    Tom Freer
    Saul Goodman
    David Gross
    Fred Hinger
    Roland Kohloff

    Symphonic Bands/Wind Ensembles

     United States Marine Band  

    Dallas Wind Symphony
    Eastman Wind Ensemble
    Keystone Winds
    Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra
    United States Army Band
    United States Navy Concert Band
    The President’s Own” United States Marine Band
    University of North Texas Symphonic Band  

    Listening Assignment


    1.    Find an artist (who plays your instrument) that is considered an expert….one of the best. Ask your private teacher or choose from the list above

    2.   Find a performance by then online and Listen/watch them perform.

    3.  Write 3-4 paragraphs and include the following:

         a.   Name of performer and small bio

         b.  Name of the piece and some background on it

         c. Your personal reflection on what you saw or heard…..what made it great?

    4. Include the URL (Web Address) of the music or video. 

    5. Email it your teacher or upload it to Schoology.