• Mrs. Morgan, Room 229 Alden School

    Welcome students!

    You can reach me at mmorgan@duxbury.k12.ma.us


    Specialist Schedule for 2021-2022 School Year:

    Monday- PE (remember sneakers!)

                  Tuesday- Music


                  Thursday- Library and Spanish

                  Friday- PE (remember sneakers!)



    Here are the things I like to be sure my students have for frequent use. Please do your best to have them within the first few days of school. Let me know if you have any trouble!


    * 1.5-2 inch binder (no larger please and no zippers) with 5 tabbed dividers

    * Two 2-pocket plastic folders with 3 holes to go in binder (I can hole-punch if needed)

          Plastic folders, not dividers please. Make sure there’s nothing down the middle so it can go in the binder.

    * Labeled soft pencil case for inside desk (Most of the following will go inside; you also have a cubby)

    * Labeled earbuds with headphone jack, in-line microphone preferred (not wireless) 

    * 2-3 colored pens (not black) for correcting and editing

    * Thin black sharpie

    * 1 pack of scotch tape

    * 2 glue sticks

    * A good supply of sharpened pencils

    * A few dry-erase markers and eraser (or a clean sock/cloth)

    * Small, personal pencil sharpener

    * 2-3 highlighters

    * Crayons (24 max) and scissors are typically available but having your own is even better

    We can always use tissues throughout the year! (I just don’t have room to store a box from everyone at the start.)


    ** Please bring a fun picture of you (standard 4x6ish size, printed off a computer is fine too) to hang in the hallway. I love personalizing our classroom. I’ll also be having you make a collage during the 1st few days so you can start looking for small things that represent you to go on it. **


    If you have trouble getting anything let me know and I’m happy to help out




    (Sorry I just can't put a picture of myself alone!)  believe there is good in the world