• A quick word about sight words which is a commonly used term in elementary schools. 

    Sight Words are words that cannot be decoded or sounded out.  They are words that do not follow phonetic rules. Take for example the word done.  Typically the silent e at the end of this word would make the o  make its long sound or "say its name". However, with the word done,  this rule does not apply therefore making it a sight word. Sight Words need to be practiced so that they are automatically recognized.  

    Sight words are essential to your student's reading. There are 220 words that comprise the "Dolch Word List" also known as sight words. This list of words was compiled by looking at which words are used the most frequently in children's books. These words make up fifty to seventy five percent of any general text and many of them cannot be sounded out using phonetic rules. Therefore, it is essential that students can read these words fluently. 

    Your student will also be learning sight words through their Fundations reading program. In Fundations they call sight words "trick words". There is a link below that contains the list of trick words by level.