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    Dear Readers, Happy New Year! We are entering that exciting time of year where the students are settled in their classes, the holidays are behind us, and some great learning can take place. As long as the weather cooperates, January and February are prime months in our schools.

    Last month, we presented our 2019 MCAS results to the School Committee. You can view the entire presentation here, but the biggest takeaways district-wide were that we need to continue to focus on closing the achievement gap with our at-risk learners, especially our lowest-performing students subgroup and our students with disabilities subgroup. We also noted that we have a number of students “on the bubble” between partially meeting and meeting expectations who missed meeting expectations by just a few points. We always want to see more students moving from “meeting” to “exceeding” expectations. We will continue to examine our practices and make sure that we are providing the appropriate level of intervention to our students.

    The overall 2019 MCAS classification results were as follows:

    • Duxbury District- Not requiring assistance or intervention. Substantial progress towards targets
    • Alden- Not requiring assistance or intervention. Meeting or exceeding targets
    • DMS- Not requiring assistance or intervention. Moderate progress towards targets
    • DHS- Not requiring assistance or intervention. School of recognition, high growth 

    Accountability Highlights


    We remember that MCAS is just one measure of a student’s overall growth and skill mastery in school, but it is important for us to pay attention to the data and trends as we make future instructional decisions.  


    Danielle Klingaman, Ed.D

    Assistant Superintendent of Schools

    Twitter @duxschools

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