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    Dear Readers,

    As a District, Duxbury Public Schools welcomed the 2022-2023 school year with a new Strategic Plan that was developed during the spring of 2022. Additional information regarding the Strategic Planning for Success process can be found on the Duxbury Public Schools Website. Our Strategic Plan for Success mission is to provide each student with equitable access to achieve personal and academic excellence. 

    The Vision of the plan includes three components: 

    Academic: Every student in DPS will be provided with multiple pathways and opportunities to cultivate their individual interests and passions through high-quality, innovative, culturally responsive instruction delivered in a safe and secure learning environment. 

    Social: The DPS will foster a culture of connections and a sense of belonging in an environment that prioritizes students’ social & emotional well-being, celebrating equity, humanity, and life balance. 

    Global: The DPS will inspire our students to be engaged and empowered citizens who understand and respect the increasingly diverse and interconnected social, political, and cultural systems of the world.

    Our Strategic Plan for Success contains four Strategic Objectives:

    1. Build connected and interactive school and community partnerships with a culture of care and trust in the service of education. 

    2. Integrate and practice inclusive and culturally responsive instruction for all students that reflect our core values. 

    3. Establish a PK-12-aligned standards-based curriculum.

    4. Implement an inclusive financial and communication system and process that ensures appropriate & sustainable funding for DPS. Develop a financial planning process that includes stakeholders.

    The Curriculum Leadership Team’s work will center on the second and third Strategic Objectives while simultaneously supporting and implementing the first and fourth goals. Additionally, during this school year, we will participate in internal curriculum reviews for Guidance, Instructional Technology, and Music. The current Curriculum Review Cycle can be accessed on the DPS website.  We hope you enjoy the Curriculum Leadership Team’s updates throughout the year as we focus on integrating and practicing inclusive and culturally responsive instruction for all students and aligning our PK-12 standards-based curriculum. 


    Elizabeth Wilcox, Ed.D
    Assistant Superintendent of Schools
    Twitter @duxschools

    This page provides information relative to all aspects of curriculum and instruction in the Duxbury Public Schools.  Curriculum includes our local curriculum maps as well as references to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.  Instruction outlines our current projects and initiatives as well as plans for meeting the needs of all students.  Our assessment work is extensive and includes both MCAS results as well as local measures.  The district's planning occurs at many levels all of which connect through the strategic, technology, and school improvement plans.  Duxbury's focus on professional development is continuous.  This page will highlight our recent and future efforts.