• The Social Studies Department offers courses designed to build upon the knowledge learned in earlier grades and to increase the student's understanding of history and the social science disciplines. It also focuses on the skills necessary to be successful in college and careers. All social studies courses revolve around the concept of "components of culture." Every human culture is composed of certain common elements, e.g. religion, art, government, social organization, and economic structure.

    The development of good citizenship is one of the primary goals of public education. The Social Studies Department has particular responsibility in this area. Implicit in the goal of good citizenship is the question of values. The Social Studies Department offers an opportunity for each student to examine carefully his/her values as well as the values of this and other societies in history and in the world today.

    Social Studies Courses

     Grade 6
     Geography and World Cultures (Unleveled)
     Grade 7
     Ancient Civilizations (Unleveled)
     Grade 8
     World History I (Unleveled)
     Grade 9
     World History II (Level Honors, College-Prep)
     Grade 10
     U.S. History I (Level Honors, College-Prep)
     Grade 11
     U.S. History II (Level A.P., Honors, College-Prep)
    Grades 10-12
    Please see the DHS Program of Studies for a full list of elective offerings.
    SS Sequence