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        Coreta Kent- Rainbow                                                                                                                                                      Weightless - Ms. Klein
    Coreta Kent                                                                                                                                                   Weightless
        VIRTUAL ART SHOW FOR GRADES 3, 4, AND 5 IS HERE! Scroll down to June 2nd entry for details and see the show at the bottom link of the page.       
    Note-images are mostly at the bottom  of the page. Often the titles my not have aligned with the image and artist. Click on the image to view.
                                                                       Art Is Always With you!
    Hi boys and girls! It's Ms. Klein here for you! During these times we are not able to be together in art class, I thought you might like some ideas to play with at home. Visit me here whenever you like and I will try to check in daily with something new to try or art to inspire you to create. Remember you always have art. I'd love to keep in touch and share ideas together! If you like you could start by drawing anything you wish (Free Choice Drawing ) either from your imagination or something or someone around the house. Use whatever materials you like. Also check out the link at the bottom Art for Kids to Make. You can share your art with me or to just say hello if you like with your parents' help on my school email. Artsonia is another site you might like to visit to see your work, past and present and other students' work around the country. As I always say, every child is an artist ! Art is all around us! We become the artist when we can find it and capture it for others to enjoy!
    Warm regards,
    Ms. Klein
    Dear Art Club Knitters,
    Please don't worry about your knitting for the kangaroo pouches. Let's wait and see when it's safe to proceed. The baby kangaroos will need our knitting for quite a while. Let's hope we get back to lunch and recess at Alden Art Club soon!
    I wanted everyone to know your art work, clay, weavings, tapestries and all your past work is safe in the art room. It's all waiting for us when we return! It wil be so wonderful to see you and your work again, hopefully soon! Know your parents can email me at lklein@duxbury.k12.ma.us about any concerns or just to say hi or to show me what you have been creating ! I promise to answer! 
    Hi boys and girls! Today I wanted to show you a colored pencil drawing a did of Koneko (at the bottom of my page)! As you can see, I just concentrated on his fur and facial area. Would you like to try drawing an animal from home, your pet, a picture you have, or an animal toy? I remember so many of you love animals as I do! It can be fun to look at them carefully and notice just how beautiful they are! I'd love to hear from you and see your drawing! Use anything you like to capture your pet's beauty!And remember your Pet Portraits in third grade to inspire! Most are on Artsonia!
    Ms. Klein
    Good morning boys and girls! My thought for the week-end is to have you think about creating art from your own Truely Free Choice! What would you like to make from what you have at home? Perhaps you want to create something from recycled materials such as foil from the kitchen or from a broken toy or game piece that inspires you! I would love to see what wonderful ideas might happen! So many times this year and past years, you have surprised me with such unique creativity!
    Let it happen! I am with you in spirit, now and forever!
    Ms. Klein
    Monday hello! I remember how tired we used to be on Monday mornings! Can't wait to see you again, Mondays and every day!
    Take a look at the top of the page my "Truely Free Choice" I created from scrap papers at home! See "Weightless" at the top of the page. Would love to see what you made!
    Lots of love,
    Ms. Klein
    Hi boys and girls! It looks like you are visiting me here, which I am so glad to see! Surprise me with a creative endeavor! Remember crazy hair, hat, and sock days?! Maybe we could do Crazy Art Day! What would you do? I am open for all sorts of artistic ideas for us to create together! Crazy portraits with misplaced features might work like Tom Fedro!
    Ms. Klein
    Tom Fedro-Downplayed
    Downplayed-Tom Fedro
    Good morning everyone! It's April Fools' Day and what fun we used to have! Let's continue to have that fun today! I wonder if you could fool me with your art like an optical illuson? Maybe it looks like one thing but it's really something else like the 5th grade Tangles turned into vines! Hope I hear from you and hope you see the "We miss you!"video. It will brighten up your day, no foolin'!See Duck Rabbit at the page bottom!
    Ms. Klein
    Hi Alden families! I hope you are well and adjusting to our new virtual times. Parents know that I am available for conferences. If you have questions about art and your child, you can email me. I am happy to follow up with a phone conversation as well. I am finding hearing a voice with a message is often comforting. 
    Ms. Klein
    Boys and girls, I know another rainy day! Art can bring sunshine to you even though there are clouds in the sky! Rainbows, birds, and flowers, 
    practically anything is possible! You decide and create! I have attached above the page Coreta Kent's Rainbow Swash!
    Ms. Klein
    My dear art stdents,
    What a beautiful day we are blessed with! I hope you will all have time to enjoy the sun! Chek out Dale Chihuly's Glass Sun Sculpture on the bottom of this page ! Isn't it amazing! How might you create a solar image from materials at home, 2 or 3 -d!
    Ms. Klein
    Hi again boys and girls! Another blessed sunny day! Here's another sculpture representing the sun on the bottom of the page! It's bronze and created by Melody Lane! Try geometric shapes from recycled paper towel rolls for rays and paper glued or taped together for the center!
    Ms. Klein
    Hello my wonderful artists! I have found some very cool sculptures with raindrop themes! Just when you thought rain was boring! See at the bottom of the page the raindrop installations. Enjoy and let  me know what you think! Raindrops from ziplock bags cut into raindrop shapes can be glued to paper with a rainbow made from ribbon or drawn with markers or crayons might be fun.
    Ms. Klein
    Good morning boys and girls,
    Happy Passover and happy almost Easter! Ms. Lies shared this morning it's also National Unicorn Day! We are celebrating the rare beings we are! See if you can find art you like that represents either the bunny or unicorn! I've attached the red balloon bunny by Jeff Koons towards the page bottom!
    Ms. KLein
    Art news for my boys and girls! Today marks the 150th year the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC opened, 1870-2020, April 13th! www.metmuseum.org can take you there in lots of ways! How lucky we are to have such a magnificent place for art! Find a piece of art you want to copy something from then add your own background.
    Ms. Klein
    Good morning fabulous art students! What a storm we had yesterday! I am sure many of you are still without power! Today over a 100 years ago the Mona Lisa at the page bottom, was stollen from the Louvre in Paris in 1911 by a custodian at the museum. He tried to sell it two years later to an Italian art dealer. He was then caught and the painting was returned. As a result the Mona Lisa became the most famous work of art in the world! Like loosing power, we often don't appreciate something until it's gone! Try today to draw a self portrait by looking at yourself with a mirror and drawing an oval of the head first. Then the eyes ,nose and mouth.last the hair is best.Then erase to refine your shapes.
    Ms. Klein
    Hi boys and girls, I have some art ideas to chase the rain away! Today is Leonardo da Vinci's birthday! To honor him, we celebrate World Art Day! I am suggesting  ordering a book about art you might like and to try using food to create something artistic! I have added children's' art book examples and an image of the Mona Lisa made from icing! Now that's creative! Have fun whatever you choose!
    Ms. Klein
    Good Morning boys and girls! As I was thinking of art as food, I thought you might like a few creative ideas to make cooking and food preparation artful! Check out the Micey Nibbles and the Kitty Loaf towards the bottom og the page! A simple change of shape and placement on something familiar can make your day!
    Have some fun in the kitchen and create edible art!
    Ms. KLein
    Hello my fabulous Alden artists! What a beautiful day and a beautiful way to start a vacation through art! Imagine crystal blue waters on a tropical island,  with perfect weather and no worries! I am signing off today with Ben Young's glass sculpture of Waves at the bottom. Isn't it cool! He cuts and glues sheets of glass by hand to form the waves! www.brokenliquid.com is where you can see his collection. Happy traveling next week with your art! How about representing a tropical island with yur own waves.
    As always, I am thinking of you,
    Ms. Klein
    Good morning boys and girls and Alden parents! I continue to miss everyone and look forward to personal contact in the future! In the meantime parents, know you can email me at lklein@duxbury.k12.ma.us and have your children add a message, perhaps an image of their art, their pet, themselves, however they would like to reach out to me. I hope this will help us connect more directly during these difficult times. I am attaching a photo of an art installation by Alaster Noble of Paper boats and Messages Sent at the bottom. I hope to hear from you!
    Ms. Klein
    Something small is our topic today,boys and girls.Barbara Stanton is an artist who paints as small as she can,inature Painting at the bottom! How fun it might be for you to try something tiny to create! How small you can manage will be your challenge! Any media you would like to work with or have would be great! I cant wait to see what you design! 
    My best,
    Good morning Alden artitis! I am sharing a photo I took recently that became magical! Can you find the magic I created in Pool Reflection towars the bottom? Perhaps you'd like to create magic of your own with with art!  Happy making magic!
    Ms. Klein
    Hi boys and girls! I found the perfect sculpture to show you. It's called The Letting Go by Sarah Sze. It's at the MFA waiting for us to see when we get back to"normal"! The artist wants the viewers to notice common objects in her work which have taken on a new beginning. Hopefully her work will help us to remember the past but to let go of it and recreate the future with our art.See her workat the bottom.
    Always thinking of you,
    Ms. Klein
    Good morning everyone! Today I wanted to let parents and students know the Alden art from this year remains safe in the art room. It is my hope that when the students can physically return to art classes, the art will be returned during each art class as the year progresses. It is also my hope that the unfinished work can be finished with the intended materials during the art classes before it goes home. Fifth grade students from this year, going into 6th grade next year will have the opportunity to find their art from Alden at DMS with Ms. Squilante. Be assured all is good, all is saved, and all will be returned safely. If any parents or students have questions please feel free to emial me at lklein@duxbury.k12.ma.us. With today's message in mind, I am sending Kate Powers' wonderful drawing titled "Patience" towards the bottom! 
    I miss you all very much,
    Ms. Klein
    May the 4th be with you! (I couldn't resist,boys and girls!) I am sure you will remember how we celebrated May 4th in this way. And some things never change! I have attached a drawing of baby Yoda by illustrator Savannah Alexandra. Notice the lines are very delicate and the colors subtle . Colored pencils would be a way you could create a sketch of the baby of your own!
    Baby Yoda promises to keep us safe from the dark side,
    Ms. Klein 
    Happy Cinco de Mayo Alden artists! May 5th we celebrate Mexico's independence from France in 1862, somewhat like our 4th of July! Two of the most celebrated Mexican artists are Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo.Their artistic themes combined the Mexican culture and their personal life with their unique style of creating. I have included two of their paintings of their pet Chihauhaus towards the bottom which remind me of our third grade Pet Portraits! I wonder if they might inspire you to create an image of your pet in this way wth ovals and circles!
    Happy creating,
    Ms. Klein
    Good morning boys and girls! I wanted to thank you for the teacher appreciation video! It was so nice to see many of you again! Since the symbol of the apple has represented teachers through the years, I have attached a couple of oil paintings by the artist Nance Danforth. Her ability to shade and show reflection is amazing! She began painting at age 8!  I thought you might like to try shading and reflection. This time of year I would have had the fifth grade learn to draw cats' eye marbels on black paper. Perhaps tomorrow we can continue with the art of shading and reflection.
    Missing you always,
    Ms. Klein
    A beautiful morning boys and girls to celebrate the Flower Moon which is at it's fullest tonight.
    It begins arpund 6:45 p.m. The Alguquin Indians named this moon the Flower Moon and the Corn Moon since this
    time of year meant the growth of both flowers and the corn crops. The Mexican artist Ingrid Sanchez specializes in moon paintings. I have attached her beautiful Flower Moon. You might want to try to trace a circle and fill it in with painted or drawn flowers, perhaps to plan ahead for a Mother's Day present!
    Thinking of you,
    Ms. Klein
     Ingrid Sanchez- Flower Moon
     Ingrid Sanchez-Flower Moon
    Good mornig boys and girls! Speaking of circles, a favorite fifth grade art lesson I have taught is The Magnifcent Marble drawings! I use a cat's eye marble as an image to draw. We first learn to make a smal circle with arches and then draw the cats eye in the middle.Shading with a white pencil helps to create the reflections on black paper. It is hard to understand at first but a lot of fun once you learn, like most things ! 
    Here is Arlene Steinberg's drawing of the marbles.You can try whatever you have to draw with. In fact I will also show you a drawing done totally with a ballpoint pen!
    Miss teaching you!
    Ms. Klein
    Arlene Steinberg- Marbles               Ball Point Pen Marble
    Arlene Steinberg- Marbles           Ball Point Marble
    Hi boys and girls! Today is the artist Salvador Dali's birthday! He would be 116 years old! I thought I would send you an image of his "Elephants"
    painting. Mr.Dali's work is called surrealistic since it represented dreams he might have had. In the painting you will see how long and thin the elephant legs are, how they appear to be weightless, contradicting the logic of how heavy an elehant is! You might like to draw something that contadicts the way we know it or maybe an image of a dream you once had. 
    Happy fantasizing!
    Ms. Klein
            Salvador Dali"s Elephants
    Good morning Alden artists! I read this morning in the NY Times artists are have a Drive-By Art Show 
    in Long Island of their art on their lawns! What a great idea! I wonder if we could try it in Duxbury! 
    Some works could even be seen at night! I am sending an image of his paintings of "Waters of March" on his lawn.
    Take a look and let's think about how we might display our art on the lawn!
    Always thinking of you,
    Ms. Klein
    Eric Devers-Waters of March
    Eric Devers -March Waves
    Hey boys and girls! I found a sculpture this morning I think you will love!" BikeArch" by Mark Grieve. 
    It's an archway built from over 200 bikes and bike parts that were not being used.
    Mark and his partner Ilana Spector recycled the bikes into this amazing arch at the entrance of 
    Burning Man Camp in Nevada. I am hoping you will be inspired to find objects around the house, broken toys,
    you might plan to recycle in this way! It's wonderful what ordinary objects can turn into with
    just a little creativity! 
    Happy recycling,
    Ms. Klein
    Bike Arch-Mark Grieve, Iana Spector
    Bike Arch
    Good morning boys and girls! What an interesting day today is! It's the anniverary of Israel becoming a state in 1948!
    In her honor, I am showing you the Israeli architect, Moshe Sadie's amazing Changi Airport. It was voted the best building design of 2020! 
    What a gorgeous place, I am sure you will agree! Perhaps you might want to design an amazing place! What would it look like and how would you create your ideas? 
    Ms. Klein
    Moshe Safdie-Changi Airport
    Changi Airport-Moshe Sadfie
    Heiio boys and girls! Today I want to show you a sculture by the artist Neri Oxman at the page botto. 
    The Silk Pavilion at the Museum of Modern Art in New York is quite wonderful! She 
    combines art with science and biology at a time when there is much information about 
    the two! Her sculpture is a structure built at the museum for live silkworms to form 
    their cocoon. In doing so, the silk worms make a shape in it's place!
    As a result, Nature becomes the artist as well as the art!
    I wonder what you could find in Nature that inspires you to create!
    Ms. Klein
    Hi Alden! Today is art museim day! The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston
    has a magnificent Monet exhibit I would love for you to see!
    If you go to www.mfa.org and then click Monet and Boston - Lasting Impressios, you can start the video.
    Many of you have seen Monet's work and enjoyed his pointilistic style of painting with dots called Impressionism.
    I am attaching his beautiful Meadow painting toward the page bottom I think you wil like. 
    Wth pointillism, if you step away, you can see the shapes 3-dimensionally.
    You might want to try making a shape with dots, using many colors to define the details.
    Markers or colored pencils work well if you don't have paint at home. 
    Happy dotting! 
    Ms. Klein
    Good morning boys and girls! May 19th was a day in 2007 that treasure hunters found a sunken ship with a treasure! 
    The ship sunk in the ocean on 1642 near Sicily, Italy and was found 365 years later near Cornwall England!
    The treasure found was $500 million dollars in silver and gold! I have attached a painting by Adam Dune of a sinking ship, titled
    'Let It Sink" at the bottom of the page. I think the colors and composition are beautiful. Perhaps you will agree and be inspired to paint 
    a boating scene, sinking or not!
    Happy sailing,
    Ms. Klein
    Hi boys and girls! Today on May 20th, 1310, shoes were first made for a left and right foot!
    Before that two identical shoes were made and sold for both feet.What a necessary invention! In honor of the design team 
    over 700 years ago, I have attached near the bottom shoe art by several artists: Van Gogh, Diane Dengel, and Paul Brent. Notice their 
    different styles and material choices. Which one do you like the best? Perhaps you have a pair of shoes you'd like to 
    use as an art subject! If the shoe fits, make art of it!
    Ms. Klein   
    Good morning everyone! Today is Henri Rousseau's birthday!
    He was a famous artist born in France in 1844. He had decided as an adult to paint as a hobby.
    He began by collecting ideas from paintings he had seen in art museums and from 
    his imagination. His work became famous and his style became Post-Impressionism.
    I am including his painting of "Tiger Peeking Through the Grass" near the bottom.
    You can see he liked bright colors that were used without much
    mixing. You might like to try to paint something from your 
    imagination with bright colors! 
    Happy creating,
    Ms. Klein
    What a beautiful morning, boys and girls we have! I have a beautiful painting to share,"Summertime" 
    by Mary Cassatt at the page bottom. Today, May 22nd, 1844, she was born. She started college at the age of 15 in Pennsylvania. 
    She loved painting and moved to France. There she became a famous Impressionist like Monet.
    Her work in this piece shows loose brushworks with oils and apparent light refecting off surfaces. 
    The scene depicts a moment outside on the water with some of the boat and another person cut off.
    Perhaps you might like to try to paint an outside scene capturing a moment!
    Happy painting,
    Ms. Klein
    Good morning boys and girls! Today, May 26th,1980,  the Museum of Modern Art 
    in New York had the first retrospective show of Pablo Picasso's work!
    There were 1,000 pieces shown illustrating his style called cubism.
    Cubism is a style of art when the artist creates an image showing every
    point of view at once, mostly with cube-like shapes.
    This way of making abstract art is fun to try with any image! 
    I am including the cover of Time magazine with one of Picasso's cubist paintings. 
    Perhaps you might like to try cubism!
    Ms. Klein
    Pablo Picasso-MOMA Show
    MOMA-Pablo Pacasso
    Hi boys and girls! Today is the anniversary of The Three Little Pigs 
    cartoon made by Walt Disney in 1933! It was 8 minutes long and 
    became the most popular cartoon in 1934! I have included the
    original advertiesment for the film and a work of art illustrating 
    an impressionist pig painting by Chelsea Deen.
    Perhaps you might try to either work today with either real or fantasy!
    Ms. Klein
                                               Impressionist Pig-Chesea Deen
    Three Little Pigs Cartoon Ad      Impressionist Pig-Chesea Deen
    Three Little Pigs      
    Good morning boys and girls! Would you like to have an art exhibit
    in your yard for everyone to see? Today I want to 
    tell you about our Yard Art Show, June 8th-12th. 
    I am including the flyer that explains the details. 
    I am hoping many of you will partcipate by dispalying art you have made
    in your front yard. It can be anything you like, a painting, a drawing, 
    a sculpture. You can attach it to a tree, hang it on your door, 
    it can be anywhere in your front yard so the viewers can see when they drive by! 
    Let us know how many you have found around the neighborhood.
    Again the details are in the flyer I am including.
    You can email me at lklein@duxbury.k12.ma.us for
    more info.
    Ms. Klein
    Yard Art Show
     Hello boys and girls! I want to show you an 
    outdoor sculpture that is really wonderful! It's a plywood sculpture
    by two artists, Ibinaz and Kim titled Torqueing Spheres.
    It was exhibited at the Socrates Park exhibition in 2015 in New York.
    The sculpture was made for the viewers to actually climb inside 
    and view the landscape through it. This might inspire 
    you to work with a friend to create art for the Yard Art Show!
    Happy collaborating!
    Torqueing Spheres-Ibinaz, Kim
    Torqueing Spheres
    Good morning boys and girls! The artist Christo 
    died last week and left an amazing legacy of temporary
    wrapped landscapes! His work often consisted of fabric wrapping 
    and dividing Nature. I have included his Surrounded Islands and his Running Fence.
    Perhaps his art might inspire you to wrap a tree branch or 
    walkway in your front yard for next week's drive by show! 
    Happy wrapping,
    Ms. Klein
    Hi boys and girls! Today, June 2nd, at the bottom of the page I have included a link 
    for the Class Art Show, illustrating a virtual slide show of completed
    studentwork from grades 3, 4, and 5 from this year ending on March 13th.
    These are pieces that were on the Artsonia gallery which parents had given permission to 
    be viewed by the public. In lieu of not having a physical art show this year, I hope you can enjoy
    your work virtualy!
    Ms. Klein
    Hi boys and girls. Today, June 3rd is World Bicycle Day! This symbolizes a healthy life,
    something we all need! I have attached at the bottom an image of a wonderful
    sculpture of many bikes stacked by Ai Weiwei,a Chinese 
    artist who has exhibited his work internationaly of familiar objects arranged as art.
    I also have included a drawing of a bike with just one line! 
    Might be fun to try either at home!
    Happy cycling!
    Ms. Klein
    Good morning everyone! Today, June 4th is National Hug Your Cat Day!
    You know how much I love Koneko! A great Impressionist August Renoir
    painted a beautiful portrait of a lady with her cat in 1875. The painting is
    displayed at The National Gallery of ART in Washington,D.C.
    I thought I would share the image at the bottom of the page and suggest you 
    think of how you might represent a cat with your art?
    It doesn't have to be purrfectt!
    Ms. Klein 
    Good morning boys and girls! Today, June 5th is National Donut Day! 
    To celebrate I am sharing a beautiful oil painting by Wayne Thiebaud,
    Three Donuts! The work was completed in 1994 and sold at auction last for $855,000!
    The artist used very thick oils and tried to capture detail in a painterly manner
    to ordinary objects.Scroll towards the bottom to see the piece.
    Perhaps breakfast can become a work of art for you! 
    Bon appetit!
    Ms. Klein
    Hi boys and girls! Today, June 8th, 1937
    the largest flower ever bloomed was grown in the New York Botanical Graden. 
    It was lnown as the Corpse Lilly since it's smelled rotten! It made up for being
    stinky by it's magnificent size, 6' tall and its grgeous colors! 
    See the beauty buy scrolling down. I am wondering if you might 
    like to draw a flower from your imagination or from a real flower at home.
    Gergia O'Keeffe is an artist who is inspirational. 
    Pastels, colored chalk, crayons are fun to 
    overlapp colors with as we have done with the 3rd and 4th grade classes
    in the past!
    Here's to flower power!
    Ms. Klein 
    Good morning boys and girls! Today we can celebrate Donuld Duck's
    birthday of 86 years! On June 9th, 1934 Donald Duck made his firt appearance
    in a Disney cartoon,The Wise Little Hen! It was a story about Donald and a pig 
    who did not want to do their chores so they tried to fake stomach aches! 
    Today you might want to try to recreate Donald as he was or in modern 
    dress, maybe a mask, and dispaly it somewhere in your front yard
    for the art show this week! Scroll up for more info on the show in the poster
    and scroll down for Donald's image!
    Happy quacking!
    Ms. Klein
    Hello everyone! Today, June 10th is Gustave Corbet's birthday.
    He was a french realist painter who was born in 1819.
    His work is very beautiful with a realistic approach.
    I am sharing at the page's bottom an oil painting of his, La Mer
    (The Sea). It might inspire you to draw or paint a boat scene 
    in Duxbury and display it in your front yard this week.
    Be sure to check ou the info about Yard Art in the Alden newsletter 
    and here, scroll down. Let me know where your art is and I will drive by!
    Ms. Klein
     Good morning boys and girls! Today, June11, a drone video of 64,000
    green turtles was released showing their migration to a reef in Austrailia! 
    The numbers showed success in saving the turtles! I am attaching below 
    the world's largest turtle sculpture! It is made of 2,000 wheel rims by
    George Gottbreht in Dunseith, North Dakota. Mr. Gottbreht owns a barn
    hardware store next to the turtle and made it to attrack business! 
    Anyone can become an artist I guess! Perhaps this piece
    will inspire a recycled sculture for your front yard!
    Happy recycling,
    Ms. Klein
    Hello boys and girls,
    Today is June 12th Anne Frank's birthday.
    She was given her diary as a birtday present.
    Anne Frank was 15 when she died from circmstances of the Holocaust.
    Her diary lived on as a book and several movies. She wrote
    about an unusual and uncertain time. Writing in a diary can be an art in itself.
    Sketching can be added as well . Perhps you might 
    be inspired to start a diary of your own with sketches. A diary can 
     help us remember these times and help us keep strong.Anne became a hero of her time.
    She found something positive everyday. Something positive everyday 
    is something special to hope for. I have attached below a picture of her diary.
    It is on display at the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam.
    Ms. Klein
    Good morning boys and girls! Today is National Nature Photography Day! 
    I am sharing at the bottom of the page, an example of a photo I took over the week-end. I created
    an arful composition with a pink rose and a vase. Perhaps yu might like to find
    something in your yard to do the same!
    Ms. KLein
    Hi boys and girls, today is June 16th and Geronimo, the famous Apache Indian's 
    birthday. He would be 111 years old! His portrait was painted and photographed
    by many artists to represent the American Indian. He was a great warrior
    and wished hehad never surrendered. His mostfamous portrait is by Elbridge Burbank
    and exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum of Art. I have included an image below.
    Perhaps you might like to create a portrait of a famous person of your choice!
    Ms. Klein
    Hi boys and girls! Today is Alden's parade to wave good-bye
    to teachers! I have shared below the page, a wonderful watercolor painting,The Dog Parade 
    by Margarite Chadwick Juner. The details anddoggy costumes are fabulous!
    Today we can imagine having our pets with us to celebrate. Our art will be 
    in our imagination! Hope to see you soon!
    Ms. Klein
    Good Morning boys and girls,
    Today June 18th is National Fishing Day! Fishing can be a fun hobby,
    especially in Duxbury. I have included on my page bottom an
    image of Vincent Van Gogh's of Fishing Boats on th coast of France.
    It's a beautiful work with lots of bright colors and an interesting
    composition, having the boats to the side of the canvas.
    The artist painted his work in 1888. It is displayed at
    The Hermitage Museum in Petersberg, Russia.
    You might try to create one of your own like Van Gogh's!
    Go fishing!
    Ms. Klein
    Boys and girls, this is our last day together! As you may know I am retiring
    from teaching art in Duxbury at the end of this school year.
    I will miss you all so very much and I hope to visit you next year. 
    I will install the Shoelace Mural as soon as you can return physically.
    I have included a collage of some memories through the years.
    Stay safe and know that art can always be there for you!
    Ms. Klein
    Photo Memories
        Forever-Ai Weiwei                                      One Line One Line
    Forever-Ai Weiwei                                                                                                   
                                                                    Running Fence-Christo                                                                               
    Surrounded Islands-Christo                      Running Fence-Christo
    Surrounded Islands-Christo
                                                                                             Mary Cassatt-Summertime                                                                   
    Henri Rousseau-Tiger Peeking Through the Grass                   MaryCassatt-Summertime
    Henri Rousseau-Tiger                                                      Diane Dengel-Kitten Shoe
                                                  Paul Brent-Flip Flop Beach       Dianre Dengel-Kitten Shoe
           Van Gogh-Clogs
    Van Gogh -Clogs        Pul Dent - Flip Flop Beach
      Adam Dune-Let It Sink
    Adam Dune- Let It Sink
      Claude Monet-Meadow
    Claude Monet-Meadow
     Neri Oxman-Silk Home
                                                         Freda Kahlo-Winnie
    Neri Oxman-MOMA           Diego Rivera-Chihauhau
    Nance Danforth -Apples                       Bbay Yoda - Savannah Alexander                   Freida Khalo-Winnie
     Nance Danforth-Apples
                                                     Baby Yoda - Savannah Alexandra             Diego Rivera- Chihauhau          
     Nance Danforth-Apples in Plastic
         Nance Danforth-Apples in Plastic Kate Powers- Patience  Patience-KatePowers
    The Letting Go                Alaster Noble                              
     Letting Go-Sarah Sze
                                               Alaster Noble - Paper Boats and Messages     
     Poll Magic Glass Wave Ben Young         Barbara Stanton - Miniature Art
                 Pool Magic                 Glass Wave-Ben Young         Barbara Stanton-Minature Art
     Micey Nibbles                       Kitty Loaf
           Micey Nibbles                                                Kitty Loaf
     World Art Books
              World Art Books
          Icing Mona Lisa                            Mona Lisa                                         
         Mona Lisa Drawn with Icing
                                                                            Mona Lisa - Leonardo da Vinci            
     Metropolitan Museum of Art
     Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Jeff Koons Balloon Bunny
    Jeff Koons Balloon Bunny
     Italian Forest Drop Installation      The Drop in Vancouver                   Mass. Art Water Filled Glass Drops   Mass.Art 10,000 Water-filled Glass Drop Installation
     Italian Drops Installation          Bronze Drop in Vancouver
                                                                                          Melody Lane Sun Bronze Sculpture     
                                                                                             MelodyLane-Bronze Sun          
     Dale Chihuly -Glass Blown Sun                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
                                                                                               Renoir-Woman with a Cat                                                                                                                        
    Dale Chihuly's Glass Sun                                 Renoir-Woman with a Cat    
     Wayne Thiebaud-Three Donuts                           Corpse Lilly
     Wayne Thiebaud-Three Donuts                         Cirpse Lilly
    Donald Duck Donald Duck          Gustave Corbet-La Mer   Gustave Corbet-La Mer   
    Wheel Turtle-George Gottbreht       Wheel Turtle-George Gottbreht
    Anne Frank Diary  Anne Frank Diary         Natue in Photograhy  Nature in Photography -Ms.Klein
    Geronimo-Elbridge Burbank  Geronimo - Elbridge Burbank
    The Dog Parade-Margarite Chadwick Juner  The Dog Parade-Margarite Chadwick Juner
    Fishing Boats-Van Gogh  Fishing Boats-Vincent Van Gogh