• Join us in educating kids on how to use the internet and other 21st century tools with safety and care.  Teach kids to:
    • Keep yourself safe!  Interact safely with others online.  
    • Think before you post.  You can't take it back!  Kids need to know/learn that what is posted is permanent. 
    • Avoid overuse or repetitive use of online sites.  It can lead to bad/risky behavior.  
    • Not everything you read is true, remember to question what you read.  
    • Treat people kindly.  Do not post unkind or hurtful words and/or pictures.  
    • Help protect others.  Report bad online behavior to an adult.  
    • Access kid friendly sites.  Avoid inappropriate material.  If you are unsure, ask an adult.
    • Have fun, be safe and be kind.
                      - Resource, Embrace Civility in the Digital Age, Protecting Children in the 21st Century,
                         Nancy Willard, 2011
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