• While technology is a great tool, we all know that it must be used intelligently and safely.  
    Here are some additional tips that may help keep your child safe...
       Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, and Twitter
       * Sit with your child and look to see who follows their account/page.  Have your child tell you who each person is and decide together if it's an acceptable follower.
       * Block anyone he/she doesn't actually know.
       * Sit with your child and have him/her tell you who each Facebook friend is.
       * Make sure that the privacy settings are set for only Friends to comment/post/view/message.
       * Block those "friends" who are strangers, who post inappropriate things, who post things that make your child uncomfortable, or who are mean to your child.  
    This year, Ms. Limmer met with (or will meet with) the 7th graders in their health classes.  Here is a copy of the CyberSafety pamphlet the students receives.  You can also review this with your child.