• While technology is a great tool, we all know that it must be used intelligently and safely.  
    Here are some additional tips that may help keep your child safe...
       Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter
       * Sit with your child and look to see who follows their account/page.  Have your child tell you who each person is and decide together if it's an acceptable follower.
       * Block anyone he/she doesn't actually know.
       * Sit with your child and have him/her tell you who each Facebook friend is.
       * Make sure that the privacy settings are set for only Friends to comment/post/view/message.
       * Block those "friends" who are strangers, who post inappropriate things, who post things that make your child uncomfortable, or who are mean to your child.  
    Here's a little CyberSafety Pamphlet that you can review with your child.