• Technology at Chandler School 
    Staff and students are lucky to have a number of technology tools available for instruction and learning each day. All classrooms have projectors, document cameras, and interactive whiteboards. Teachers have their own laptops and iPads. Assistants have Chromebooks. Recently we have become a 1:1 school allowing all students to have their own devices. 
  • Computer Lab 
    This year our lab will reopen to support digital literacy and instructional technology. In addition to the classroom devices, the Chandler lab has MacBook Airs available to practice keyboarding and using a mouse which are both part of the technology standards. Classes visit the computer lab once a week to work with a variety of digital tools including Wonder Robots Dot and Dash, and our newest robots - KIBO, which even our youngest students can enjoy. They can create green screen videos or be Lego engineers. Some new "unplugged" items that have recently been added are Strawbees, Snap Circuits, and Modular Robotics Cubelets. The lab time fosters creativity, teamwork, problem-solving, and self-esteem, along with reinforcing academic skills learned in the classroom.