• Recommended Classroom Supplies:

    Hard pencil box (labeled with child's name and it should be large enough to fit a FEW pencils, highlighters, and erasers)

    sharpened pencils 

    2 Thin Expo markers (the same size as a skinny marker)

    Headphones that are labeled. Please no earbuds and be sure they are comfortable.

    a​ ​family​ ​picture

    A container of Chlorox Wipes (add a funny face the top lid.)


    Additional Classroom 'Wish List' Supplies that would help our classroom:

    Box of Kleenex (write a fun quote or joke on top or side of the box.)

    Bottle of hand soap (not hand sanitizer) 

    Gallon sized Ziplock Bags


    extra​ ​healthy​ ​snacks

    small​ ​Prize​ ​Box​ ​prizes​ ​(pencil​ ​grips,​ ​highlighters,​ ​etc.)

    Fidgit​ ​toys

    plastic​ ​spoons/forks

    paper​ ​towels

    scented​ ​markers

    gel pens

    magazine​ ​subscriptions​ ​(Highlights,​ ​National​ ​Geographic​ ​Kids,​ ​Time​ ​for​ ​Kids)