• Daily Schedule

    Ms. Skye’s Class

    2021 - 2022

    More info re:masks, classroom protocols, etc. to come as more guidance is available. 


    Below is the general schedule we plan to follow in the classroom each day.  Times change slightly based on how quickly we finish up activities, and/or how much fun we're having with an activity!

    Arrival Routine and Wash Hands – Students come into the classroom, locate their cubbies and unpack their green folders from their backpacks.  They line up to wash hands with assistance from teachers as needed.

    Table Activity – Students participate in a short activity to start the day while waiting for all friends to come in, wash up and get settled.  Individual activities will be placed at their labeled table spot and may include fine motor games (lacing, tearing paper, pegs), sorting or matching tasks or coloring activities with individual materials. To start the year, all students will be working on the same table tasks, with teacher support to complete tasks and facilitate social opportunities as appropriate.

    Circle Time – Students transition as a class to circle time and sit at labeled spaces spread out on the floor area.  Circle time includes a daily greeting, calendar and weather activities, discussion of the daily schedule and a whole group activity introducing the day’s scheduled activity or theme. Circle time may often include music activities, group games and practice activities like writing or drawing on the board as we explore different topics and themes.  Each day - beginning in October -  we will have a STAR OF THE DAY who will help with daily circle activities and be the day’s line leader!  Opportunities will rotate equally. 

    Daily Activity and Choice Play – Students participate in a daily activity at the table - in their same labeled morning spot.  These activities may be a craft project, sensory play, curriculum based math or literacy task or group game.  As students complete the daily activity, they may access some expanded "choice" materials from their individual activity bins to extend their play time.  Students can choose from the varied materials in their bins and bring them back to their seat to decrease the use of shared materials.  Activity bin activities may include matching games, manipulatives (counters, sorting pieces), puzzles, books, sensory materials or games. As we get through the first few weeks and see how well mask wearing, washing up and social distancing are working out in the classroom, we will expand our choice play activities to include things like blocks, doll house and car garage in safe ways.  

    Playground Time/Gross Motor - We will be accessing the playground daily - weather permitting.  On the playground, students will keep their masks on while running around to play, but may access designated spots to take mask breaks as needed.  We may also set up more formal "mask break" opportunities on our way into or out of the playground to ensure that each student gets a chance to have a few mask free minutes.  At this time, to decrease the shared materials, we will not be using the bikes on the playground, and sand toys and playground balls will be used minimally as we become more comfortable with our safety procedures.

    Snack Time – Students will wash hands prior to eating their snacks and will spread out across the classroom - 1 student per table.  Students can take their masks off to eat snack, and will put them back on when walking around the classroom to clean up and move on to their next activities.  Snack time includes time for bathroom routines, set up/clean up routines and quiet play with puzzles and/or individual activity buckets. Table surfaces are washed prior to and following snack times. Reminder: Our classroom is NUT FREE.

    Story and Goodbye Circle – Students come together at the end of the day for a story (Ms. Skye’s FAVORITE part of the day!) and brief summary of the day.  This time may include a group game or music activity that incorporates our monthly theme or our letter/number studies. Students sit on their designated, socially distanced spaces.

    Pack up and Dismissal 


    As the school year progresses, and stamina for longer, more academic focused activities increases, our schedule may change to reflect the addition of new activities.