• Battle of the Books

    Six months. Twelve books. One fantastic experience. 
    Get ready for Battle of the Books 2019-2020! We are thrilled that your child is interested in participating in our innovative reading program at Alden Elementary School. We assign students to grade-level groups that are part book club and part competition team. Teams meet at their discretion over a six month period and then meet as grade-level groups to quiz their reading comprehension in a “Final Battle” in April. Every student is encouraged to participate in this fun, team-building experience that exposes him/her to different levels and styles of books!  Click here to see the Battle of the Books Reading Lists. 
    Registration closed on Wednesday, October 9th and teams will be announced at the Kick Off Pizza Party on Wednesday, October 23.

    REGISTRATION IS CLOSED for 2019-2020.

    Please consider being a Team Leader or Assistant Team Leader! Check out the Team Leader Reference for more details.

    Kick Off Pizza Party - Wednesday, October 23 (early release)
    Final Battles - April 1st (3rd Grade) and April 2nd (4th and 5th Grade) 

    TEAMS.  Students are put into grade-level teams of 5-8 children.  If your child would like to be on a team with a friend or same-grade sibling, please let us know when you register and we will make every attempt to accommodate your request.  Please recognize that our priority is to create a positive experience for all students. $10 registration fee per student.

    BOOKS.  Every grade level reads 12 different books.  Teams get to make their own decisions about how they will cover each book. Some teams read all the books while some teams choose the divide and conquer method.  The books are available to borrow from the Alden and Duxbury Free Libraries.

    TEAM LEADERS.  We would like at least two Team Leaders per team.  This can be as involved as you and your team would like.  Some teams meet monthly, some only twice.  Some groups watch movies based on the books, play games, or quiz each other over pizza dinner.  It’s all up to you and your team! The Battle of the Books Team Leader Resource has detailed information and materials to help you.

    ASSIST.  We can never have enough volunteers.  If you aren’t able to commit to being a Team Leader, please consider hosting or helping with a team meeting to lighten the load for the Team Leaders.  Additionally, we’re looking for volunteers to help plan the Final Battles and we need help from parents for the Kick-off Pizza Party and the Final Battles. 

    INFORMATION.  For additional information or answers to specific questions, contact Battle of the Books Chair Shannon McIntosh (semcintosh@gmail.com).


    Below are highlights from the Final Battles for 2018-2019 teams. Congratulations to all the participants!