• September 2019
    Dear Faculty, 
    One of the primary goals of the PTO is to support and encourage the education, social, emotional and physical development of the student at Duxbury High School, combined with an effort to aid and support the faculty.  We believe that one way to help supplement these efforts is through the use of Mini-Grants.
    These Mini-Grants are funded through our membership fees and direct donations from parents wanting to further support Enrichment/Curriculum activities.  The grants may be used to cover the cost of materials for a special class project, books, films, subscriptions or other activities that will further enhance the education experiences of our students.   
    If you are interested in applying for such a grant, please fill out the following form and return it to the PTO mailbox in the office.  The PTO meets monthly, and such requests will be addressed at these meetings.  Recipients will be notified whether or not their request can be honored.