Algebra I Course Expectations

    Mrs. Sciretta                                                                                                                 September, 2022

    email: msciretta@duxbury.k12.ma.us  


    Welcome back to DMS and to Eighth Grade Algebra I!

    I am excited about the year ahead and I hope you are, too!  Last year was still an unusual year as we all grappled with trying to be "normal" again after two years of COVID learning situations. This is a new year, and I feel like we are in a better position of "nornal" after getting the kinks out last year and remembering what school norms were.  Sometimes things will go smoothly, other times we might experience some turbulence... and THAT IS OK!!!! I am hoping the guidelines below will support you during any situation and that ultimately you will feel better about yourself as a math student!


    Text for reference: Glencoe Algebra I – Common Core Edition 

    I have a class set of hardcopy texts, but I will provide class notes for you to keep in a binder/notebook

    Once again this year, lockers will be assigned and you are encouraged to use them to help the health of your back by not carrying such a heavy load all day!  

    Here are some general guidelines and information about our class, but I bet you have been doing this for the past two years at DMS!

    Please bring to class each day:

    1. Your CHARGED laptop and EARBUDS!!! Earbuds are VERY important this year!
    2. A small binder with plenty of paper. (graph paper is a great tool). You will keep all materials in this binder.   
    3. PENCILS and erasers! (We will all make many mistakes and that is OK!  We learn from our mistakes!!)
    4. Calculator.  A basic 4 function calculator is fine.
    5. Colored pens for homework corrections!!
    6. One or two dry-erase markers to use when we use individual white boards!
    7. A box of Tissues!! We need them all the year.  Allergy season gets messy!! Thank you!


    • Expect homework every class. (but not on vacations, of course!!)
    • Use pencil. No WORK = No CREDIT!!!!  “SAW” – Show All Work – but this is the same policy you had last year, so it’s nothing new!
    • Schoology is the location to find HW assignments. It is your responsibility to know what your homework is!!
    • We log missed assignments in the “Missed Assignment Book” for reference.
    • Late/incomplete homework is not accepted unless for an absence, but you know that already...and assignments missed because of an absence are due the next class. As always, if there are extenuating circumstances, just let me know!  We will make a plan!!!      
    • Correct mistakes so you learn from your errors.  Most often you will be given an answer key to correct your work at home so you have immediate feedback. See if you can find your error. If you can't, circle the problem and ask for an explanation in class. If you make a mistake, please correct it in color!  It’s OK!! Corrections are an important part of the homework and a learning tool for you!!    Sometimes the best teacher is the mistake you made and correct on your own!    

             BE POSITIVE:  I believe you can do the problem, otherwise I would not have assigned it!!!

             GIVE YOUR BEST EFFORT:  TRY every problem!  Write something down!  I know you know something about math….you’ve been taking math for 7 years!  I can’t give you full credit if you don’t try something!!  DON”T BE AFRAID TO MAKE MISTAKES!!  You’ll see..I make mistakes too and I WANT you to help me find my errors....!  We are all in this together.

             USE YOUR NOTES:  We write notes in class that have examples pertaining to your homework.  Your notes will help you review what we did in class and how to do each type of problem.

                             Be a leader and ask questions!! It is important to ask questions about the problems you missed!  (Someone else will be glad you did!)  And remember: It's OK to make a mistake!  

    Grading: (per Math Department Policy) 




    Tests and Quizzes


    Announced. (“quick quizzes” may be unannounced)

    Homework, Projects, Activities, Graded classwork


    Announced - Expect homework most nights except during vacations of course!!!

    I will often assign corrections, and sometimes bonus points are awarded!.

    X2 Student Portal 

    I update the Portal almost daily, so a “progress report” is available at all times.  Check your grades!


    Keep a neat and organized notebook of all materials and homework. It is important to be organized.  You will need to reference your notes.


    • Find your absent work on the bulletin board under "Were You Absent?"  Get the materials, and come see me or ask a friend about them.

              When absent, please follow Schoology and complete any missed assignments.  Contact a classmate if you are absent and need clarification.

    • See DMS Handbook (p. 10) for school policy. Each day you are absent, you have one day to make up work.

    Classroom Conduct/Behavior Expectations – which are really just manners!!!


    • Be in your assigned seat and ready to work on time, with appropriate materials and completed homework. 
    • Get your homework out first thing,  because I walk around to check HW immediately when the bell rings.
    • Laptops and EARBUDS are to be brought to class each day and fully charged.
    • Please stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise....but you know this already!!
    • Restroom use is by permission only and ideally, only one person is allowed out at a time.
    • No food please. Water only as per school policy. Our team uses this policy. (exceptions when necessary)
    • Cell phones should not be seen or heard. The school cell phone policy will be strictly enforced.  You will hear more about this during your Team Assembly with Ms. Coyne and Mr. Henry.                           
    • Be an active and positive participant who is respectful of the rights of others and their property.
    • Stay on task and give your best effort. I will always give you my very best because I am committed to your success!


     Extra Help

    Please remember that I am always here to help you. Come after school. It’s free tutoring!

    Sometimes a little extra help is all you need.  DO NOT WAIT until you are lost or behind!   Please know that a question is never too minor or "stupid"!!! We will work together to find the answer!! 

    I am here to help you, and it is important to me that you succeed!


    Email is the best way to reach me. I check email first thing in the morning and usually again before going home. I will try to respond within 24 hours. (Please don’t expect me to check email throughout the evening. Phone a friend if you have a question or do not know what the homework is!! Thank you!)

    Please feel that you can always approach me when you are feeling stressed, anxious, or even when you feel great!  My door is always open, and remember:  I am not a mind reader, and I won’t know if therte is a problem, or how to help you, until you tell me about it!!  This is your class, so I want you and I to do everything we can to make it yours!!

    If you don’t know or remember something from last year or whenever, please tell me.  That’s the only way I will know how to help fill any gaps!!

    Also, please come talk to me if you have any fears of making up your work if there is a conflict.  Sometimes, you can feel overwhelmed after an absence…just come talk to me and we will figure it out together!

    Algebra is new for many of you.  You aren't expected to know this stuff yet!  That's why you're in my class!  So just remember:

    "Goals achieved with little effort are seldom appreciated and give no personal satisfaction."

                                                                     John Woodard, legendary UCLA Basketball  

    Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and I look forward to an enjoyable and successful year!


    Mrs. Marylynn Sciretta