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    Welcome to Eighth Grade Algebra 1 and Room 342!

    I am excited about the year ahead and I hope you are, too! As we launch the new year, here are my classroom expectations and policies that I expect all students to respect.  If everyone works together to meet these expectations, the stage will be set for an enjoyable and successful year! 


    Text:  Online text:  Glencoe Algebra I – Common Core Edition  You will be given a userid and password so you must know it to access the text!

    I have a classroom set of hardcopy texts. 



    => Remember: Backpacks are NOT allowed in classrooms! Passing time was to 4 minutes a few years ago to allow students to use their lockers. 

    Bring to class each day:

    1. Your CHARGED laptop and EARBUDS!!!

    2. A small binder with plenty of paper, paper, paper!!! (graph paper is a great tool) You will keep all materials in this binder.

    3. PENCILS – yes, bring pencils each day to class! No pen. Thank you.

    4. Each student must have his/her own calculator. 
             •M280/281: Graphing calculator: TI 83 Plus/TI 84 recommended;

              otherwise, a basic 4 function calculator. 

             •M282:  Basic 4-function calculator

     5. Colored pens for corrections

    I would appreciate the following donations:
           1)  2 dry-erase markers for individual white boards, donated to the classroom bucket.
           2)  Please bring a box of tissues for the classroom. We need them throughout the year!

     (Allergy season gets messy and I would greatly appreciate the donation!! Thank you.




    Think about the time when you first learned to ski or snowboard, hit a baseball, or play an instrument. Practice developed the skill and your confidence! The same is true with algebra since it is also a skill. Homework is the practice required if you want to perform this skill to the best of your ability and develop confidence.  "Without reps there is no ready."

    • Expect homework every class.
    • Homework will be checked and it is 15% of your term grade.
    • “SAW” – Show All Work - All work must be shown NEATLY.  Please use pencil.

    • It is your responsibility to know what your homework is: copy assignments into your agenda.
    • Schoology is the location to find HW assignments, but it is a backup for your agenda.  Therefore it is important to write homework assignments in your agenda or on your laptop so you know your homework responsibilities. I will post assignments on Schoology by 5 pm for your convenience.  

    • A missed assignment because of an absence is due the next class. Follow the DMS Handbook.

    • If you miss an assignment, you must sign the “Missed Assignment Book” so we have a record.

         A missed assignment is recorded as a zero in X2 Gradebook. 
         Late/incomplete homework is not accepted (unless for an absence).    

     • Correct mistakes so you learn from your errors. 

        Most often you will be given an answer key to correct your work at home so you have immediate feedback. See if you can find your error. If you can't, circle the      problem and ask for an explanation in class. If you make a mistake, please correct it in color!  It’s OK!! The correction is an important part of the homework and      a learning tool for you!! 

    Be a leader and ask questions!! It is important to ask questions about the problems you missed!   (Someone else will be glad you did!)  

    And remember: It's OK to make a mistake!


    Grading: (per Math Department Policy)

    1.  Tests and quizzes will count as 85% of your grade.

    Tests will be announced; quizzes will be both announced and unannounced.     

    M281 and M282 students have an opportunity to improve a grade on quizzes.

    •Corrections may be done thoroughly & completelyto earn back a maximum of 20% of the points missed.

    •Homework average must be at 80% or better to qualify for the opportunity described above.
    •A due date will be established for handing them in. .
    This is a great opportunity to relearn concepts so you perform your very best on tests!  


     2.   Homework will count as 15% of your grade.



    It is the District expectation that every student come to school with a fully charged laptop in order to fully participate in class.  Please be sure your laptop is charged when you come to class each day!!  Be sure you have earbuds. You will watch videos periodically and will need your earbuds.

    FYI:  The WIFI students use and should have set as the default is DUXBURY2.


    X2 Student Portal 

    I update the Portal almost daily so a “progress report” is available at all times.  Check your grades!


    Keep a neat and organized binder of all class materials and homework, preferably in chronological order. If you have followed this procedure properly, you will have plenty of materials to review and study before a test. Keep a good notebook! It’s important to be organized.


    Find the ABSENT INBOX for your class!!

    Where is it located in the room????????????  Be sure to find it! 

    It is your responsibility to complete all assignments and assessments missed. Please follow Schoology and contact a classmate if you are absent. Missed work will be placed in the “ABSENT BIN” for your class.

    • “One class day will be provided to make up work for each day of absence. In the event of an absence from school it is the students and parent’s responsibility to complete and return to all teachers the work missed within a period of time equal to the absence (i.e. one week absent one week to complete work). Students and parents are encouraged to check teacher websites or contact other students for missed work or; upon return to school arrange to make up work with the teacher.”  (DMS Handbook – p. 10)
    • For prolonged absences, parents should contact the guidance department and follow the handbook policy.

    You are responsible for work and homework missed when absent from class. I will put missed work in the “Absent INBOX” for your class, and it is your responsibility .


    Expectations of Appropriate Student Behavior (otherwise known as Manners and Rules)


    For YOU to succeed, so WE can work together, so I can teach, for US to have an enjoyable year:

    1. Be in your assigned seat and ready to work on time.

    2. Get your homework out immediately for HW check.

    3. Begin the "Warm-up" from the basket or posted on Schoology.

    4. Be an active and positive participant who is respectful of the rights of others and their property.

    5. Bring all materials to class. This includes PAPER, and PENCILS, and calculator Laptops must be fully charged and you also need EARBUDS!

    5. Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise. Restroom use is by permission only.

    6. Cell phones should not be seen or heard.  The school has a cell phone policy and it will be enforced.

    8. Stay on task and give your best effort. I will always give you my very best and I am committed to your success! When you choose to break the rules, you must 7ccept the consequences.


     Extra Help   


    Please remember that I am always here to help you. Come after school. It’s free tutoring! I’m available Monday-Thursday after school and I encourage you to come. (some Wednesdays we have Department or Faculty meetings) I run the Thursday Homework Club so stop in at the building library! Sometimes a little extra one-on-one help is all you need.  DO NOT WAIT until you are lost or behind!  Please know  that a question is never too minor or "stupid"!!! We will work together to find the answer!!  It is important to me that you succeed!


    Email is the best way to reach me. I check email first thing in the morning and usually again before going home. I will try to respond within 24 hours.

    In closing, I want to encourage you to follow my class motto:  "Be Better".  
          Each day, strive to “Be Better” at:
                 •showing all of your work, 
                 •participating in class,
                 •giving your best effort, 
                 •coming prepared to class,
                 •having a good attitude,                                                                                                                                                                                                           •being a good friend and classmate! 

    It will make a difference!!


    "Goals achieved with little effort are seldom appreciated and give no personal satisfaction."

        John Woodard, legendary UCLA Basketball  

    Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and I look forward to an enjoyable and successful year!


    Mrs. Marylynn Sciretta