The following are required at the beginning of each school year
    in order for the nurse to administer an EPI-PEN in school:
    • Parent Permission (download from District Health Services Page)
    • Head only image affixed to each EpiPen box or injector (if injectors are being stored in different locations).
    • Food Allergy Action Plan (or Doctor's Order) available from the Chandler nurse or in the Allergist office. A Head only image must be affixed to this form. It is signed by both doctor and parent with emergency contact numbers at the bottom.
    • If student is carrying an EpiPen on the bus, a copy of the Food Allergy Action Plan is given to the driver in case of an emergency.  Again, a head only image is affixed to this form also.
    • Please communicate to your child's bus driver at the beginning of the school year that she/he has a life threatening allergy.
            Please note:  Food Allergy Action Plan can be used as Dr. Order and Parent Permission  with appropriate signatures.