The following are required at the beginning of each school year
    in order for the nurse to administer an EPI-PEN in school:
    • Parent Permission (download from District Health Services Page)
    • EpiPen in a labeled box with an expiration date no sooner than June of the current school year.
    • Head only image affixed to each EpiPen box or injector (if injectors are being stored in different locations).
    • Food Allergy Action Plan available from the Chandler nurse or in the Allergist office. A Head only image must be affixed to this form. It is signed by both doctor and parent with emergency contact numbers at the bottom.
    • If student will be carrying an EpiPen on the bus, please bring the Epi Pen to the nurse's office so that the nurse can complete documentation to alert the Bus company and driver. The EpiPen is then returned to the parent to be kept in the child's backpack and removed by an adult for emergencies only. The EpiPen should be stored in a pencil box or fanny pack in the child's backpack. A copy of the Food Allergy Action Plan is kept in the fanny pack and a copy is given to the driver in case of an emergency.  A head only image of the child is affixed to the Epipen as well as on the Food Allergy Action Plan form.
    • Please communicate to your child's bus driver at the beginning of the school year that she/he has a life threatening allergy. Bus driver will allocate a seat in the front of the bus for your child and bus driver will wipe down this seat prior to your child boarding the bus.
     Please note:  Food Allergy Action Plan can be used as Dr. Order and Parent Permission with appropriate signatures.