•  Throughout the school year, we have many opportunities for volunteers in our classroom. In order to be able to volunteer with our students, we ask that anyone interested complete the following:
    1. Complete a Volunteer Orientation. This is a once-in-a-lifetime request. You will only need to review the necessary documents once while your children are here in the Duxbury Public School System. The link to request access to the Volunteer Orientation documents for Chandler is available on our website under "Quick Links".

    2. Submit a CORI to any Office in the Duxbury Public School System. This needs to be completed every 3 years. You can visit a school's front office to inquire about your current CORI status. You will need a copy of your license when submitting a new form.

    3. Submit a Volunteer Confidentiality Statement for each child in the system. This form was passed out at Open House but can also be found at the end of our Volunteer Handbook. These forms should be returned to your homeroom parent, via the classroom teacher.

     I will be sending out a link which will allow you to view available dates and
    times and sign up at your convenience.  Please create an account
    if you do not already have one.  Your time and help is always
    greatly appreciated! Please sign up at least a week in advance
    to allow me to prepare for your assistance. 
     To access a CORI form, please click on the link below.  All volunteers must be CORI cleared before they are able to help out in the classroom, Computer Lab, and/or be a Mystery Reader.  Thank you!