•  Updated 8/18


     No USB is needed

    Ear Buds with microphone

    Binders  - see my note

    Dividers - see my note



    *Individual teachers will request additional items.


    I have a few additional items to add to that list.
    • 2 inch  3 ring binder.      Basic Heavy Duty Avery Brand is preferred  NO ZIPPER BINDERS please.


    • 6 tab dividers (no pocket dividers) label them at home and bring them to school ready to go :  math, grammar, literacy, social studies, science and spanish


    • black expo dry erase marker and eraser (an old sock works great as an eraser)


    • red and blue pen


    • sharpie black ULTRA FINE POINT markers 


    • colored pencils and hand held sharpener


    • #2 pencils preferred over mechanical pencils


    • highlighter


    • clorox wipes or equivalent cleaning supply for desk top


    • box of kleenex


    • gallon size ziplock bag