• Chamber Orchestra

    Chamber Orchestra is a high-level music performance course. Students are required to maintain a high level of skill on their instrument as the group will play varied levels of literature. Students must complete an entrance audition to participate in Chamber Orchestra. Although weekly private lessons are not required, they are strongly encouraged.

    Course Expectations

    • 20% Concert Attendance
      There will be one or two concerts per term. Awards Night and Graduation also count as concerts. Concerts are an integral part of being a performer and this experience cannot be recreated, therefore attendance is mandatory.  The only excuse for missing a concert in a doctor’s note. Alternate assignments will be required for any missed concerts
    • 30% Auditions/assignments
      Students are required to complete several auditions during year. This grading is based on effort, performance and completion. Recorded auditions must be done outside of class time and either emailed to the teacher or submitted before the due date.
    • 35% Rehearsal Skills
      Students must be quiet and respectful to the learning environment. Students are expected to play when they are required, and listen quietly when they are not. Students are asked to be respectful to the music and the other students in the class. This grade is also based on the rules and regulations below. Students are expected to participate in rehearsal whether they are in person or on zoom. 
    • 15% Music/Instrument for rehearsal
      Students must always have their folders, music, a pencil and their instruments in proper working condition.

    **All percentages are current grade estimates while new curricula is being implemented 

    Students are expected to attend all concerts and performances as stated in the schedule.
    Excuse notes are required one week in advance of expected absence.

    Students are expected to come to class prepared with music and instrument.

    When a member of an ensemble is missing, no matter what the reason, the group, the individual, and ultimately the performance are all negatively affected. If a student is absent from rehearsal, they are responsible to prepare what the ensemble rehearsed and obtain any notes and markings that were given in their absence.

    If a student misses more than five rehearsals prior to a concert due to extenuating circumstances, they may be asked to sing/play for the director to demonstrate they know their part. The director will then decide if the student is prepared enough to perform in the concert.

    When there are attendance conflicts:

    • Sports Game over Orchestra Rehearsal
    • Orchestra Concert over Sports Practice
    • Sports Game and Orchestra Concert/ Performance
    • Try to make both or see Ms. V ASAP

    Rules that are simple but important:

    • No homework/book reading during rehearsal…not on the stand or floor
    • Never leave the classroom without asking 
    • Put your instrument in the instrument room….. not on the floor

    Students are expected to come to class ready to rehearse – this means:

    • Spend time out of class on the music being rehearsed
    • Bring a Pencil
    • Keep your instrument in good working condition
    • Always put forth all your effort
    • Have a supportive and positive attitude towards the music and each other
    • Wait quietly while other sections are working
    • Do not talk while the conductor is speaking
    • In sectionals, listen to the section leader
    • Have an open attitude towards music that is unfamiliar
    • Cell phones and electronic devices are prohibited from the rehearsal.  Students who are using electronic devices are disengaged and not contributing to the rehearsal, as outlined by the expectations.