• Sixth Grade General Music

    Sixth Grade General Music is an overview music course designed to be an extension of the general music classes students take through fifth grade.  Students in sixth grade are required to take a music course in middle school.  Those not taking Sixth Grade Band, Chorus or Orchestra should take Sixth Grade General Music.

    Although students will not have “homework” every night, they will be responsible for the following:

       1. To bring all materials to class, (folders, supplies from home – as needed, projects)

       2. Understand that singing is a major part of General Music

       3. Class participation, attitude, and effort are also monitored during rehearsal.

    Rules that apply to class participation are:

       a. Arrive at class on time!

       b. Never leave the classroom without asking for the pass.

    Students are expected to come to class ready to work – this means…

    • Bring a Pencil
    • Always put forth all your effort.
    • Have a supportive and positive attitude towards the music and each other.
    • Wait quietly while other sections are working.
    • Do not talk while the teacher or others students are speaking.
    • Have an open attitude towards music that is unfamiliar.
    • No food will be allowed in classroom.